Spied – Bajaj’s facelifted RE range of 3-wheelers testing

Posted on: Jun 1, 2013 - 8:24pm IST

Even as the Quadricycle policy ended up in favor of Bajaj’s RE60, the Pune based manufacturer is keeping three wheelers firmly in focus.

front fascia of the 2013 Bajaj RE three wheeler spied
The facelift aims at improving the aesthetics. Expect more frugal and less polluting powertrains.

As Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj said in an interview last month, Bajaj will refresh its three wheeler range shortly. Our friends at Indiancarsbikes.in have managed to snap a pair of test mules inside out giving us an early preview.

front of the 2013 Bajaj RE three wheeler spied

The Bajaj auto rickshaw has long been the primary choice for short distance city travel and now the manufacturer is ready to offer the RE60 as a four wheeled alternative. While Bajaj is preparing its quadricycle for production, simultaneous attention is being given to facelift its auto rickshaws.

dashboard of the 2013 Bajaj RE three wheeler spied
The dashboard and instrument panel will get a refreshed design.

As you see in these spyshots, the facelift tries improving the aesthetics of the three wheeler. The front fascia gets a new plastic cladding while the rear features revised taillights. On the inside, a refreshed dashboard with new instrument panel can be seen.

rear fascia of the 2013 Bajaj RE three wheeler spied
The slightly revised rear fascia gets new combination lamps.

We expect the rear mounted engines to be more frugal and less polluting than current versions. The auto rickshaws will offer CNG and LPG fuel options as well. These kits are supplied by the Pune based firm Vanaz, as evident from the CNG sticker in the mule’s windshield.

2013 Bajaj RE CNG three wheeler spied

The refreshed range of auto rickshaws are expected in the market by the festival season.

[Source: Indiancarsbikes.in]

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4 thoughts on “Spied – Bajaj’s facelifted RE range of 3-wheelers testing

  1. dilip mulani says:

    for niger market

  2. Viral says:

    The so called Autos are a nightmare on the roads of any city. Not only do they slow down the traffic they are unsafe and unpredictable. Our government is been allowing this unsafe vehicle to run in the city for reasons known best to them and Bajaj. The new quadiricyle is nothing but the same auto repacked keeping the changes to minimum … . We the citizens plead to the government for the following.
    1. Do not lower the safety standard of any vehicle below a standard of a car
    2. Do not let any vehicles ply in the cities which don’t run at 100 km/h
    3. Even if a quad cycle doesn’t run more then 70 kmph the other car do have the capacity to run at higher speed and so there is no point in reducing the standard.
    Don’t play with peoples life…. Think before allowing such 3rd class generation of vehicles on Indian roads…. These vehicles will keep Indias image as a poor country…. Only…

    1. Rajesh says:

      All Indians are not rich enough to either own cars and its parking lots…or hire the car taxis….there are Lakhs who travel in Autorickshaws and we dont hear 100s and 1000s dying for the government to consider banning it entirely!!!….Speed limit within a city like Bangalore is well within 60 km legally…so where is the issue of Autorickshaws being a hindrance to other road users…they are well capable of achieving speeds upto 50 km and still maintain balance as well as any other road worthy certified vehicle on the street. There are accidents in every town and city and they are due to Driver errors or due to negligent pedestrians…very very few accidents are due to mechanical failure and this can happen with any vehicle on the road….Those wanting to have highway speeds within cities are wanting to play with people’s lives….and please do google the net….there are auto rickshaws made by Bajaj and TVS running in foreign countries including Dubai…..Also are there are cars being built which are absolutely safe…100 % ??…..There may be bad auto rickshaw drivers but they are not going to change even if they change over to cars….Mind you, In Bangalore, BMTC Volvo drivers are many a time alleged to be very rash and dangerous….Volvo buses are driven FAST…Cost a Crore each…while the counterparts made by Ashok Leyland and TATA cost around 1/3rd…and have poor fuel efficiency giving a mileage of 2 to 3 kmpl while the counterparts are giving 5 to 6 kmpl apart from carrying more number of people…..and the tickets are highly priced……the problem is in the attitude…not in the vehicle….Every class of the society have its own mode of transport….and all these are certainly allowed with due diligence and certification by the Government….giving reasonable importance to important factors that are needed to be followed to co-exist in a Society….

  3. Anoop Kumar says:

    The green coloured rickshaw (masked) is the Piaggio City.


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