The 2015 Mercedes C Class has started its intense testing phase and the fully disguised test mules are being spotted across Europe on a regular basis.

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Here is a video footage of the next gen C Class testing on the highway. The current C Class desperately needs a successor and from the spy video it appears that the next gen luxury car looks the part.

2014 Mercedes C Class

Regular Indian Autos Blog readers would have got an idea of how the car looks like, thanks to our in-house manipulator’s rendering. To begin with, the new C would look like a downsized S Class. The curvacious roofline, a slightly tapering boot relates it to the flagship saloon.

Based on the new MRA (Modular Rear wheel drive Architecture) platform, the new C is a whole new animal. Apart from a refreshing design the car is expected to come packed with numerous technologies that are borrowed from the S Class.

An array of petrol and diesel engines would be on offer. There are speculations that the entry level diesel variant could make use of Renault’s 1.5 DCi engine.

With the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 steeling the limelight in the voluminous segment, the new C Class has a big task of snatching back the segment leadership.

The car will make its debut sometime next year.

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