Official: Made-in-India 2013 Nissan Micra fully revealed

Posted on: Jun 4, 2013 - 9:36am IST

We’ve been covering the Nissan Micra facelift rather extensively from the beginning of this year. After seeing the refreshed Nissan Micra/March which went on sale in Thailand recently, we finally get to see how the Indian and the European version looks like.

2013 Nissan Micra facelift front three quarter right

It started with a spyshot revealing a different front fascia from what was seen in the Thai models. We were sure that Nissan was up to something, maybe India specific. But it looks like Europe and most of Nissan India’s export markets are also getting this version.

Before we go any further, we’ll show you our artist Shoeb’s rendering of the refreshed Micra which was made way back in November of last year!

Nissan-Micra-facelift rendering

Exterior changes:

2013 Nissan Micra facelift Blue color

Nissan say that the improvements to the front and rear also involve a lot of sheet metal changes. The bonnet, headlights, bumpers, taillights, grill and the fog lamp enclosure are brand new. The front grill of the Micra brings ‘Nissan’s new corporate look’. You also get LED taillights. We’ve to say though, it looks a bit like the Renault Pulse from the rear.

2013 Nissan Micra facelift wheel

Coming to the wheels. The Micra facelift gets new 15-inch alloy wheels while an option for machine finished 16-inch alloy wheels have also been added. The Micra on sale in India only features alloy wheels in the top-end diesel model.

Two new colors have been included – Pacific Blue and metallic Platinum Sage. The number of exterior colors now stands at 10.

2013 Nissan Micra facelift rear

The top-end model also features a panoramic glass roof.

Head to Page 2 for all the interior upgrades.

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17 thoughts on “Official: Made-in-India 2013 Nissan Micra fully revealed

  1. koshy says:

    the dealers in Chennai are not aware of the new update. Does anyone sure about possible booking dates/ launch? The CVT will be attractive for city driving considering that it is even more fuel efficient than the manual.

    1. Achyuth says:

      Still not officially launched, expected at the end of June or even earlier. You are right about the fact that the CVT will be better than the manual. The only car in the hatchback segment which has a better auto transmission for highway use is the GT TSI. But even the DSG downshifts are snail slow when compared to the Micra CVT.

  2. Achyuth says:

    Confirmed with the dealer, Car is surely launching next month. XV Premium will get 4 airbags as standard, XV will get 2 airbags. Production already has been shifted to the new version with few old version models will be produced for clearing the booking log.

  3. Achyuth says:

    Coming to your nearest dealership next month! 🙂

    1. Achyuth says:

      P.S: Blue and Platinum colors will be available with the facelift. Coming to the interiors part, what impresses me the most are the silver accents, piano black center console and the new seats. The exteriors look like they will suit both the galz and guyz. Hyundai really is gonna have tough time if the Micra does well. i10 also included. God Bless competition! 😀

  4. Achyuth says:

    ACI have test driven the Micra CVT facelift. Top variant diesel and petrol 4 airbags and ABS. CVT only available with the middle XV variant. It gets ACC, BT, Aux and USB and 2 airbags with ABS 🙂

  5. Kunwar Prateek says:

    Seems like a better package this time….. will Nissan be as daring as Hyundai to bring in a Diesel Automatic version of Sunny or Micra ??

    1. Achyuth says:

      Nissan, if Renault too agrees, will bring in the diesel AT. But I think they will not bring it. They might bring it through the Scala and Sunny facelift. Micra, if Nissan seriously wants to crack a hole into Maruti Suzuki, they will bring in the Micra diesel AT.

  6. Aravind Anand says:

    The Micra is a far more masculine and a way more desireable car now. I think this is how the Micra should have always been. Also, this now has a USP over the Pulse. Now it would be interesting to see how Renault would manage to sell the already slow selling Pulse, at a higher price than the new face-lifted Micra 😀

    1. Achyuth says:

      I agree. O.T: Aravind Anand, Are you in Team-BHP?

  7. Prabhakaran says:

    Will there be a automatic version included? I really don’t understand why automakers don’t provide more choices in automatic transmission , given the fact that driving in Indian city traffic is too hectic with bumper to bumper.

    1. Prabhakaran says:

      Sorry I commented before reading the article fully. Eagerly waiting for the CVT model

      1. Achyuth says:

        A diesel CVT will blow the i20 away to pieces. Perhaps more highway friendly manners and good brakes can make the Micra a hot seller. Ah! Come on Nissan, Launch the facelifted Micra and you can throw the following cars:

        Punto ( It’s already sinking )

        Figo ( Currently the only provebial hot knife for Ford. )

        i20 ( Suffering from high sticker price )

        Swift ( Affected by budget, poor boot space, cannibalization by Dzire )

        Pulse: Kill your own sister Nissan!! 😉

        Liva: Killing it is an easy job.

        Vista 90 and 75: Huh, it’s already dying.

        Polo: VW, beware. Murder for the Polo is coming up in very few months.

  8. Achyuth says:

    Have to say it that I like the Indian version more than the stupid looking Thai version. Needless to say, Those alloys look great. My Q on this car: Will it get ABS and passenger airbag in the diesel?

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      We should be knowing the complete details for the Indian specific model, such as the trim line, features being offered, by this weekend 🙂

      1. Achyuth says:

        Thnz for the info. Now the Micra has a customer in the form of myself ;). I waant the black interiors as an option. As far the specs goes, where do you get these pieces of information?

      2. Achyuth says:

        Hi, Can we get updates on the launch date of this facelift. My friend is eagerly waiting for the facelift.


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