Nissan India reveals product sheet for FY 2013

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013 - 4:08pm IST

This afternoon, in a media round table held for select invitees in Chennai, Nissan India revealed the product sheet for FY 2013.

Mr Hasegawa Mr Shiga and Mr IshidaNissan India model plans for FY2013

Mr. Toshiyuki Shiga, Chief Operating Officer, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd addressed the media gathering, along with Mr. Toru Hasegawa, Corporate Vice President – Africa, Middle East and India and Mr. Takayuki Ishida, Managing Director and CEO of Nissan Motor India. All three officials skimmed the surface when particularly quizzed on long term plans, stating that it was very premature to announce the intricate details on the launch of the Datsun or Infinti models in India.

Nissan confirmed that it will launch the following models for FY2013 –

  • Nissan Micra CVT – Nissan makes the Micra for about 81 overseas markets at its plant in Chennai and the demand in most of these markets is for the automatic transmission. We expect to see the X-Tronic CVT unit from the Scala carried over to the Micra. Nissan did not specifically mention about the low-cost ‘Active’ variant that we’ve seen testing, in the product chart.
  • Nissan Sunny CVT – The plant workers have to change the badges, wheels and bumpers of the Scala CVT, and they’d arrive at the Sunny CVT! Jokes apart, the Sunny CVT is an important inclusion, it may not be the volumes spinner, but nevertheless this is an addition they cannot neglect, especially in metros.
  • Nissan compact SUV – Nissan officials refused to identify this model, but said there’s heavy customer demand for an SUV. Nissan India’s Managing Director Mr. Takayuki Ishida said there is a range of SUV models in the international lineup that can also be explored for the Indian market, and that no plans are frozen. Our sources however have a different version – they say the Renault Duster, with styling similar to the X-Trail, is ready to explore the booming SUV market in India by September.
  • Datsun – The Datsun brand will start off with two products in the first year, but Nissan officials wouldn’t describe the design or style. We know through sources that a Micra-based compact car, and a smaller offering (in the A-Entry segment) are at the starting gate. Both these products are developed by Indian engineers at RNTBCI (Renault-Nissan Technical and Business development Center India) near the Renault-Nissan Alliance plant in Oragadam, Chennai.

Nissan plans to capture 8% market share globally by FY2016, and in FY2012, they had sold 5.08 million units accounting for 6.02% market share. Nissan has invested 4,500 crore rupees in India, makes 400,000 cars at the plant (including Renault and Dacia makes) and exports over 100,000 units of the annual produce to 81 countries.

Nissan’s ambitious plans for India revolves around the power goal of 10% market share by FY 2016. By then, they plan to have 300 dealers and launch 10 new products, including the cars mentioned above.

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6 thoughts on “Nissan India reveals product sheet for FY 2013

  1. Laxman says:

    Nissan plz do not rehash the Duster with the old Xtrail front since you are already updating that model.

    A brand new compact SUV model not as radical as Juke but something based on the Qashqai will be a big hit…

  2. Winfred says:

    The compact SUV from Nissan is going to be the Duster but with a 7 seat configuration. This is what they ment when they were talking about more than cosmetic changes. There may be good amount of modifications to Duster beyond looks.

    Yes it will be a hit with a standard 7 seater offering from Nissan than the jump seats provided by Renault now. It will also be a good differentiator to the product than the current Scala / Sunny example.

    But the D segment is looking for alternate to the currnt sedans on offer! Hope someone sees the opporutnity for a good 5 seater crossover/SUV in the 12-16L Range. (alternate to XUVs which is wearing the politician car looks and Yetti Htchback looks….if YETTI’s looks are changed on the Duster lines then they have big chance)The current alternates as mentioned above are really not for the D Segement sedane buyers.

    Hyundai should seriously consider IX35 and Mahendra on Korando for this segment.

    1. Swapnil R says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t a 7-seat configuration basically contradict the vehicle’s definition of being a compact SUV?
      Well I’m sure it won’t be something radically different as Laxman expects, but at the same time I hope it isn’t a 7-seater as that would only put more pressure on Nissan to deliver something at the price-point the public is expecting it to be!


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