VW’s DSG has problems with Asian climate and traffic; Recall initiated in Japan, China

Posted on: May 9, 2013 - 12:11pm IST

The VW DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox or Direkt Shalt Getriebe) is something well known to us Indians. The cheapest VW with a DSG gearbox happens to be the VW Polo GT TSI launched a few days ago and the technology is available in cars higher up such as the Jetta, Laura, Passat, Superb and so on.

VW Polo GT TSI DSG gearbox shifter

However, recently VW cars equipped with the DSG gearbox are being recalled in Japan and China due to a problem that is being reasoned to the weather, climate and traffic conditions of the Asian countries.

A VW spokesman has commented on 8 May 2013, saying that the “hot and humid climate mixed with the traffic chaos makes the DSG incompatible” while not revealing the problem that would occur. VW further says that the DSG gearbox would need a fair amount of “cooling by the wind” to work efficiently.

The recall initiated in China first during March 2013 got back 384,000 cars such as the VW Passat, Touran, New Bora, Lavida, Sagitar, Skoda’s Octavia, Superb and the Audi A3. The recall then moved on to Japan calling back 91,000 cars for the same problem.

VW Polo GT TSI front three quarters
India is quite possibly the best example for ‘hot, humid and chaotic traffic’ and the DSG tech is being introduced in an all-new segment by VW.

As of now, VW says that the gearbox mechatronics are being looked into, without being specific as to what is the exact nature of the problem and the fix.

More than that, isn’t India one of the “hot and humid places with traffic chaos” as well? With development of the 10-speed DSG underway, VW better come up with a permanent solution.

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5 thoughts on “VW’s DSG has problems with Asian climate and traffic; Recall initiated in Japan, China

  1. RC says:

    Every now and then we read and hear about thousands and lakhs of car recalls in USA, UK, China and other parts of the world. But in India we rarely hear it. On the lighter note it proves that Indian manufacturing quality beats all. But on a serious note, this clearly shows that all these companies take Indians for a ride and do not bother to recall their cars with faults. Rather they do it in hush hush style. When a customer complaints at the service centre they may replace it without much fuss and do not publicly announce mass recall. Thereby they benefit by giving replacements to just a handful of customers and also saving their image in India.

  2. Sameer Contractor says:

    With the Indian climate being hot and humid during most parts and most time during the year… How has it not effected the indian dsg’s in operation of cars today..
    Audi.. Skoda.. VW all are operating with Dsg boxes and polo GT being a volume product, will we now see recalls happening in India as well?


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