Maruti Dzire outsells Swift again, falls just 401 units short of the market king Alto

Posted on: May 22, 2013 - 10:51am IST

If you take a look at the Top 10 best selling cars in India, you will find a certain pattern with a few constants: The Alto will always be the Number 1 selling car, with sales often exceeding 20,000 units/month. This will closely be followed by the Swift hatchback.

2012 maruti swift dzire

However, for the months of March and April 2013, the Swift has fallen back to Number 3. Maruti need not worry though, as the Number 2 best selling car is the Swift Dzire.

The Swift Dzire has overtaken the Swift hatchback for two consecutive months. In the month of March, the Dzire sold 20,078 units as compared to the 19,654 units of the Swift. The lead was extended in April where the Dzire sold 19,446 units while the Swift managed only 16,530 units.

Maruti Suzuki DZire Regal
By introducing special editions, Maruti has kept the Dzire fresh and in the limelight.

Interestingly, the Dzire was only 401 units short of becoming the Number 1 selling car and taking the crown from the Alto, which has held on to this post like a monarch! It seems that the sales of the Alto have fallen from 27,356 units in March to only 19,847 units in April this year.

Honestly speaking, we thought it would be the other way around, where the Swift would outsell the Dzire given that there is an all new rival for the Dzire, the Honda Amaze. Even though the Amaze is only a month and a half into the market, it would have been logical to see a lot of buyers hold their purchase to see how the Amaze performs and then finalize their buy.

Maruti are currently doling out discounts on the diesel variants of the Dzire, Swift, Ertiga and the Ritz up to INR 25,000. This has to be the best indicator of the slump the Indian auto industry is witnessing this year.

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5 thoughts on “Maruti Dzire outsells Swift again, falls just 401 units short of the market king Alto

  1. Manish says:

    Maruti and richness don’t go hand in hand. You open the door of any Maruti and close it and do the same for any other brand, you will feel the difference. Just cosmetic make-up to save the face after Amaze launch is not going to help. Just close your eyes and imagine quality of Honda and Maruti, you will get your answer. Second go and take the test drive, you get your second answer. The six week Baby Amaze is already taking big daddy Maruti Desire sleep away. Man this the beginning, imagine when baby grows older ???

  2. Yuvi says:

    Guys.. Not only amaze..! there are many OEMs are going to launch sub 4m sedan in coming years. None of them going to affect dezire sales. Take Swift for example, with all the competition in the market but still its no.1 in its segment.

    Its all about having decent product and good service network to keep the customers happy.Hyundai has done good job to some extend. Others still learning.!

    Keep going Maruti…!

  3. Shaan says:

    I dont understand the craze among people to own a car which is so called sedan, and doesnt look good at all, actually it cannot even be called a proper sedan but still it sells and sells in huge numbers. Swift (hatch) certainly looks far better. Sail Sedan is far superior in looks than compared to Dzire, in fact I would rate verito also as a better looking sedan than compared to Dzire but unfortunately none of these cars come anywhere close to the numbers that Dzire has when it comes to sales. Hope Amaze will change it….

  4. Mohammed says:

    The Amaze is apparently a runaway hit with the showrooms appearing like a Sunday flea market even today.The 22,000 bookings in 6 weeks is only a tip of the iceberg . It might well become the biggest success story of 2013, considering the current bookings and user feedback. Sadly, though they do not have the bandwidth to produce cars per demand. I felt the dealers are pretty forthright too with regards to setting expectations with the customer on the waiting period factor.

    The Amaze will not impact the Dzire sales in the short term but in the long term, it will. Honda is severely handicapped by production constraints till the new factory comes up in 2014 and it would only be sensible to do a comparison once they go full steam. For now, it seems to be an immature and premature comparison.

  5. sandy says:

    Dzire’s dual tone interior with wooden garnish, 110+liter extra boot, relatively better ride quality and mileage w.r.t Swift has made it better buy. Amaze though Honda’s new well thought product lacks the rich feeling of Dzire in NVH, interior designand some cosmetic touch, which would shy away some/many customers. Honda needs to address it.


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