Rendering – The Honda Brio MPV has the Maruti Ertiga in sights

Posted on: May 15, 2013 - 11:11am IST

After chasing Maruti in the compact sedan market with the Honda Amaze, the Japanese car maker is now vying for the space occupied by the Maruti Ertiga and the recently launched Chevrolet Enjoy.

Indian Autos Blog has been closely following the Brio based MPV which is still work in progress. We reported saying that Honda expects to put the Brio MPV on sale by April 2014, at least in the Indonesian markets to start off with. Interestingly, even in Indonesia, the Brio MPV will have its arch rival as the Made-in-India – Assembled-in-Indonesia, Maruti Ertiga.

Honda Brio based MPV
A lot of parts will be shared with the Amaze/Brio. Expect the 1.5-liter i-DTEC to be carried over from the Amaze.

As a result, expect Honda’s engineers to develop the Brio MPV in such a way that it matches/is better than the Ertiga spec for spec. We’re not talking only about the engines here; expect class leading space and fuel economy from Honda, once again.

This is a speculative rendering of what the Brio based MPV would look like by user Geijutsutekinotenshi on Deviant Art. The design carries forward the same nose and tail lights from the Amaze, while the doors and door handles are reminiscent of the Brio/Amaze. It’s a very simple design, but then again, the Brio and Amaze are simple, yet really good designs that have gone down well with the Indian buyers.

When we spoke to Mr. Jnaneswar Sen, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Honda India, he confirmed that there is a 7-seat MPV and that the market study was ongoing. Mr. Sen also said that the 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine seen on the Amaze will feature in future Honda cars making us believe that the Brio MPV could be a viable candidate as well.

[Rendering Courtesy – Geijutsutekinotenshi on]

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10 thoughts on “Rendering – The Honda Brio MPV has the Maruti Ertiga in sights

  1. Nikhil says:

    it looks good but was expecting it to be based on JAZZ.

    Please do somthing………..

  2. Mohammed says:

    Honda is really on fire in India with the Earth Dreams Diesel engine. Oh yes, expect them to create a terrific MPV, which is better than Ertiga and all other MPV’s in its segment in every single aspect..

    Honda is not about marketing, they create engineering marvels, which are reliable, durable and efficient. Minimum fuss, maximum impact 🙂

    1. Gautam says:

      But Maruti suzuki still rules both the segment whether in comparison with Honda amaze or the new Brio based mpv .
      Swift dezire and ertiga are still a smart buy for a common indian family. 🙂 comparing all the aspects whether its cost , features, maintanence and mileage.
      Maruti suzuki’s vehicles are a great value for money that is there usp. Honda needs to cut off there pricing if they want to do something in indian market.

      1. Mohammed says:

        To be fair, the Honda MPV is going to be released only in 2014 and the Amaze got released just a few weeks back. The Amaze has already clocked more than 22,000 bookings in just about 4 weeks and the numbers would only be magical in the coming months considering how the Indian families have fallen in love with the Amaze. We may not see an immediate impact on Dzire numbers since Honda has a production capacity limitation till the new factory comes up in 2014.

        Considering that the Amaze has bettered the Dzire in terms of design, cabin space, power, mileage, boot space and almost every other quantifiable aspect, we can expect more or less the same trend with their MPV too. As far as pricing goes, the Amaze has even bettered Dzire -AC, power steering, all door power windows and ABS with EBD at 6 lacs ex showroom for Diesel start variant ! In reality, they should have priced the Amaze atleast 50 to 75 k more than the Dzire considering Honda’s premium positioning globally.

        Honda is a world beater and traditionally known for their ultra reliable, durable and efficient cars the world over. Maruti has given us some good cars, they will step up the game in the future, but Honda is really on fire with the new Earth Dreams Diesel engine and their pipeline for the next 2 years is just too good to match.

  3. Kapil says:

    Nice looking MPV, definitely over 4m to accomodate 3rd row of seats. Tyres look tiny and out of propotion to body size. If priced same as Ertiga , varient to varient. I would book one straight away.

    1. GB says:

      True Kapil, 3 row seating which is must for an Indian MPV would not be easy within 4M.
      But we are talking HONDA here!!
      If they manage to pull it, this MPV will not just be a bucket of water but barrels of it on Maruti’s party with the Ertiga 😉

  4. GB says:

    If the MPV is also sub 4m and if that tax sop continues till 2014 then this vehicle could sell in the 5 lakhs region.

  5. sandy says:

    Wow! The rear looks like BMW X1’s, though not an attractive looking piece; but enough to render how the upcoming Brio based MPV would look like.

  6. Swapnil R says:

    This rendering looks heideous and out of proportion due to that extra large rear overhang!


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