Golden Dragon Righto V3 is the Force One’s new Chinese cousin

Posted on: May 27, 2013 - 9:14am IST

A Chinese company by the name ‘Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus’ have launched the Golden Dragon Righto V3 SUV at a bus show held last week in the Fujian Province.

Golden Dragon Righto V3 side view

We can tell that the side view of this car gives you a deja vu.

Xiamen Golden Dragon bus is a subsidiary of King Long, a bus manufacturer that is smitten by China’s growing car market. Since they have no experience in developing passenger vehicles, they’ve signed a license agreement to sell the Foday Explorer 6 as one of their cars.

Golden Dragon Righto V3 front view

Under the agreement, Foday makes the chassis, body and interior. It is then shipped to Golden Dragon’s factory with a 102hp 2.0-liter petrol that isn’t used by the Explorer 6, and a 95hp 2.8-liter diesel engine. These are coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission.

Golden Dragon Righto V3 dashboard

Prices are expected to start at 60,000 yuan, a full 30,000 yuan cheaper than the Explorer. The significant price difference is due to the lower cost of the 2.2-liter engine that goes into Golden Dragon Righto.

Golden Dragon Righto V3 rear
Check out the ‘XML6498E28’ variant badge!

The petrol variant is not badged ‘LX’ or ‘VX’. For some reason, they’ve chosen ‘XML6498E28’ while the diesel variant is unexplainably designated ‘XML6498E13’.

Golden Dragon Righto V3 front three quarters

For the One, Force Motors sources the shell, panels and interior from Foday. The chassis was developed in-house, and the driveline is supplied by Daimler.

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3 thoughts on “Golden Dragon Righto V3 is the Force One’s new Chinese cousin

  1. Kyree S. Williams says:

    The windows of the rear doors look like the first-generation Isuzu Rodeo/Passport, and those door handles were snatched straight off of a GM midsized truck. Still, intriguing…

  2. deepankur khanna says:

    Well the car’s design cues look quite good and futuristic, why not inspire our Force motors to import the interior and exetrior parts from this car. The drive train is already good for indian conditions 2.2 l fmtech

  3. Dev says:

    A better looking front fascia than our own Force One.


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