Skoda uses Facebook to help fans distinguish the new Octavia from the Rapid

Posted on: May 6, 2013 - 6:52pm IST

To the untrained eyes, it is hard to distinguish the 2013 Skoda Octavia and Skoda Rapid saloons. In a posting back in February, we presented readers pictures of the two cars standing next each other to show how it is neigh impossible to tell them apart, at least from photographs.

Though its taken a while, the Czech automaker has responded to this issue. It has decided to offer a solution on Facebook to help people understand the basic differences until the cars become a common sight on the roads and differentiating them comes naturally to onlookers.

difference between skoda octavia and rapid

Skoda has posted an image showing the two cars and the variations to their design features.

For instance when viewed from the side, the Rapid is a bit shorter, narrower and has more complete quarter glass panels. The window line of the Octavia contrastingly ends in a much sharper fashion.

On the Octavia, extra reflector strips are present on the edges of the rear bumper. The tail lamp design of Octavia is a bit straightforward compared to the rather rounded units on the Rapid. Skoda likes to call the taillights of Octavia as “cat’s eyes” for easy identification.

The wider Octavia boasts sharper exterior features in comparison to the Rapid. Skoda also explains that both cars have different grille and headlight profiles. For instance, the front grille of the Rapid is not as heavily designed as the Octavia’s.

Would these differences make for something if the cars pass you in a flash?

[Source: Skoda Czech Republic Facebook page]

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3 thoughts on “Skoda uses Facebook to help fans distinguish the new Octavia from the Rapid

  1. sadsack says:

    I guess in India the Octavia will have not have the problem of being confused with the Rapid, as the Indian Rapid is completely different at least from the front, since it is based on the existing Fabia platform and featuring the same face as the Fabia. But even then Skoda has the problem of having the “family” look which I think is not something Indians like. One of the reasons why the Mondeo failed in India despite being a great car was that it looked too much like the Ikon and it cost about 3 or 4 times more than the Ikon did.

  2. Bhushan says:

    It seems Skoda designers are not going out of there box of designing just replicating the designs with some minor changes. Though they have good designs but its really difficult for common man to differentiate between models. skoda should not loose there brand value

  3. Robin says:

    Is this poor response from a company to a design blunder that they have created?

    Posting pictures side by side on FB. This is the heights of ridiculousness.. They should have spent more time while designing the octavia to make it stand out when compared to the rapid as it is a more expensive model.


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