Swedish three-wheeled ‘Zbee’ EV threatens the Bajaj auto rickshaw in Indonesia

Posted on: May 31, 2013 - 9:04pm IST

Bajaj Auto has been selling auto rickshaws in Indonesia for years. The three wheelers are considered to be environment friendly and are a common site in the streets of Jakarta.

Clean Motion Zbee electric three wheeler

However, a potential rival is expected to soon set its foot in the archipelago. Indonesian president Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s recent state visit to Sweden has sparked quite a few industrial relationships between the nations.

One such development is the entry of Zbee electric three wheelers into Indonesia. The Zbee is an urban runabout manufactured by the Swedish firm ‘Clean Motion’. The vehicle could be used in place of the Bajaj auto rickshaws as a more environment friendly alternative.

The Zbee is powered by a 4KW motor which has a range of 50 km. The EV weights a mere 230kg and manages a top speed of 45 kmph. In Sweden, the Zbee is marketed as your private shopping vehicle. No driver license is required to drive the Zbee if you live in Sweden.

Oto.detik.com reports that the electric three wheeler will be manufactured in East Java starting from this August. It is even rumored to be showcased to the public on June 12 in Jakarta.

The Clean Motion Zbee three wheeler looks like a futuristic interpretation of the popular auto rickshaws. Its imminent entry into Indonesia surely comes as a threat to the legendary “tuk tuk”.

Is it about time for Bajaj to come up with electric rickshaws?

[Source: Oto.detik.com]

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3 thoughts on “Swedish three-wheeled ‘Zbee’ EV threatens the Bajaj auto rickshaw in Indonesia

  1. GB says:

    Another important 3 wheeler keenly watched worldover except India is the Tata airpod.
    After the lukewarm reception we Indians gave the nano, Tata probably has 2nd thoughts about treating us with this air propelled car 😉

  2. Ramesh G says:

    It could be a starting point for Reva to adopt this. may be they could take up a pilot project and then propagate it. Hope Mahindra is listening.

  3. Jay Termkar says:

    Rather than Indonesia these should be launched in India..to replace Diesel Autos..Diesel Autos Sucks..They sounds worst than Tractor, The pollutes too much..I don’t no How government permitted them to be on the road..


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