Maruti Suzuki launches DZire Regal for Rs 5.60 lakhs

Posted on: Apr 16, 2013 - 11:50am IST

The fight for supremacy in compact sedan segment has been intensified with the launch of the Honda Amaze. This segment is dominated by Maruti Suzuki DZire and the kingpin wants to show the new boy who’s the big daddy.

Maruti Suzuki DZire Regal

Maruti Suzuki has launched a special edition DZire Regal in India priced at Rs. 5.6 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). While the automaker claims that the DZire Regal has been launched to “celebrate the fifth anniversary of DZire in India”, we all know that it is actually a full-fledged attack on the Honda Amaze.

Maruti Suzuki DZire Regal accessory list

The DZire Regal can only be availed in the VXi trim which is powered by 1.2 petrol VVT engine. Maruti has loaded the DZire Regal with some interesting accessories such as –

Exterior accessories –

  • Chrome body side graphics with a Regal badge
  • Silver garnish on the upper & lower grille and fog lamps surround
  • Silver painted ORVMS
  • Reverse parking sensor with digital display
  • Body colored mud flaps
  • New ‘Serene Blue’ paint shade

Interiors accessories –

  • Leather steering wheel cover
  • Art leather sear covers
  • Integrated advanced audio system with tweeters and audio volume control taken from the ZXi variant of the DZire
  • Wooden finish interior door armrest
  • Stainless steel door sill guards
  • Two leather wrapped cushions
  • Beige floor mats
  • Premium car perfume

We were hoping that the DZire Regal would also be endowed with the touch screen navigation from the recently launched SX4 facelift. Unfortunately, Maruti Suzuki has disappointed on that front.

We will have to wait and see how much impact will the Amaze have on DZire’s sales figures in the coming months. Our guesses are that the impact would be quite significant.

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23 thoughts on “Maruti Suzuki launches DZire Regal for Rs 5.60 lakhs

  1. Mohammed says:

    The Dzire Regal doesn’t have the kit to make people sit up and take notice. Car cushions and perfume doesn’t work in this age. Most importantly, this is available only on the petrol VXi trim at 5.60 lacs ? strange ….!

    Honda has just released an entry level Diesel sedan with 100 bhp drivaeble engine and 26 kmpl FE, with spacious interiors and big boot, all door power windows and ABS with EBD at 6 lacs. I don’t understand the logic of releasing the Regal petrol at 5.60 lacs?

  2. Ayyappan says:

    Hello Mr.Yuvi –

    Either you’re terribly upset by the massive negative press Ecosport received after it was displayed at the malls all over India and you want to ensure that all other cars launched fail and Ecosport scrapes through. Or you’re working for an Amaze competitor and you’re paid to criticize it day and night at every given opportunity and make it fail. Either ways, your efforts have failed miserably because you just don’t make any sense to anyone and have only become a silly presence on the blog, forcing readers to ignore your comments mostly.

    You only make a mockery of yourself by popping up everywhere, responding negatively to every single post on IAB about Amaze and being all over the place and chipping in with your cheap, ignorant, sub standard comments about Amaze at every given opportunity. Apparently, you seem to be most vocal critic of Amaze on this forum and 99.99% of the time, your comments are plain baseless, severely biased and shows your poor understanding of the automobile industry and this product in particular. I pity the time you’re spending on this and the respect you lose out of this activity. While I acknowledge your right to comment on this blog, do realize people ignore you and your comments not because they find your posts to be meaningful / valid or think that they’re scared to respond ; instead they find it too silly to even react to you. Sadly though, your third rate comments wouldn’t help people move away from Amaze or help plot its downfall . You need better informed efforts at that !

    I love good cars but I’m not a Honda fan or a Ford critic and I only put my money on products which suits my requirements and gives me the best value for the money I pay. I’m no brand ambassador and do not get paid to promote brands ; only emotional fools do that. I just value my hard earned money and my investments.

    1. Yuvi says:

      Good Story Mr. Ayyappan..!

    2. Yuvi says:

      Everyone has the rights to criticize any average product like Amaze. If you think Amaze is satisfying your requirements please go and buy. Doesn’t mean that whatever you say has to agreed everywhere.

      Again i am saying, “This is very average product only” Too much buildup not required.

    3. Manu says:

      Well said dude 🙂 I’ve been following IAB for sometime and been thinking about writing to IAB personally about this irritant, annoying factor. Apparently, his intent is different and he is following a targeted approach ; but he doesn’t know to hide it 🙂 His remarks are stupid as always,he knows nothing about the industry and I’ve scratched my head many a time reading through his idiotic posts all over this blog.

      Hats off to you dude for this open communication about this nuisance value with hidden agendas. Just take him off the blog or ignore him completely.

      I’m not a prospective Amaze customer, I’m in love with my Safari Storme and just a keen follower of the industry and a car lover.

      1. Manu says:

        Sorry, didn’t know that my comments would appear right below the posts from the great nuisance value we’ve on IAB. Unfortunate, I wasn’t sure how to put my comments in.

        Ayyappan 🙂 # Hats off to you again mate . Completely agree with your comments.

  3. Mercedes says:

    I DONT like it, to much cheep looking and to much plastic in it!!!

  4. Nish says:

    What a pathetic looking ugly duckling.. I think Maruti Suzuki has lost it.. I guess they should hire fresh new talent for their product design deptt. Honda Amaze hasn’t amazed the MS Dzire, rather it has “Shocked and Stunned” it. Cheers Honda for coming out with a fabulous product that ticks all the check boxes for an entry compact sedan buyer.

    1. Yuvi says:

      You will come to know after 2 month who is the king in this segment.

      For your information, Maruti can produce around 18k dzires in a month. Honda has the capacity to produce 7.5K amazes only.

      With the artificial waiting period created by honda, they are going to screw up this product like XUV 500..!

      Did you got who is the winner is..!

  5. Yuvi says:

    Amaze waiting period is 4 months now. Why should i wait for 4 months when i am getting a maruti Dzire on booking day itself..!

    Bye Bye Amaze..! 🙂

    1. VK says:

      Yuvi…I think you should buy an Auto rickshaw…will get it immediately on booking…will also help you to earn money..:)

      1. Yuvi says:

        What an idea sir ji..!

        Better to travel in autorickshaw for 4 months later buy a better car than this..! LOL

      2. Nish says:

        Well said @VK.. @Yuvi Go check the Honda Amaze first in person and then post your comments.. Dzire is no match vs Amaze..

    2. ajay says:

      you have a brave heart to buy an car made of paper maruthi suzuki i know how delicate suzuki cars are made because i am an owner

    3. Geesaini says:

      I pity everyone who thinks like you just did. They are the ones who pass comments like ‘why buy a Laura when I can get a Swift AND an SX4 for the same price’. I can say this because a colleague did exactly that a month back.

      Given an option, I’m guessing you’d choose Aria over XUV500. Who likes waiting for a better vehicle when you can get an inferior one right away, right? 🙂

  6. rajeev says:

    If Maruti Suzuki will launch DZire Regal with cng.It will impact on amaze sales.

    1. VK says:

      How about Dzire which runs on Kerosene? Will it impact Amaze sales?

  7. Swapnil R says:

    To be frank I honestly don’t think any of these features are great enough to classify this as a Regal (or any other name for that matter) edition!
    Pointless update MS !!!

  8. Ayyappan says:

    Yes, I do agree. I also feel that the Amaze would significantly impact Dzire sales. You’ve to be at the showrooms to see the crowd for Amaze ; you’d forget for a while that you’re actually at a car showroom. Just as Swift and Dzire was sold on extended waiting periods from the start, Amaze has a similar story to tell.

    1. Yuvi says:

      Do you mean to say that Amaze will sell 15k unit/month ? Are you kidding..! LOL


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