Video – Ford EcoSport scores 4 stars in Latin-NCAP crash test

Posted on: Apr 17, 2013 - 9:27am IST

The Ford EcoSport is one of the prime models of the ‘One Ford’ global strategy. The compact SUV will be sold throughout the globe and hence it is imperative for the Dearborn based automaker to ensure that the car is safe enough.

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Ford EcoSport crash test Latin NCAPHere is a video of the Ford EcoSport’s crash test at the Latin-NCAP (New Car Assessment Program). The EcoSport has managed to acquire a decent four star rating in adult occupant safety with a score of 13.64 out of 16 while it was good enough for a modest three star rating in child safety with a score of 31 out of 49.

According to the comments of Latin-NCAP, the head and torso of the front passengers are well protected while the impact protection of the knees is marginal. The car has a nicely restricted forward movement of a 3 year old in the forward facing child seat while a high chest deceleration was observed in 18 month old kid.

The Ford EcoSport which was tested was equipped with dual airbags and ABS. The European model is expected to do better in the crash tests since it is equipped with multiple airbags.

The Latin-NCAP has a frontal collision speed of 64 kmph with a 40% of the width being offset. The speed of impact is increased by 8 kmph compared to the Euro-NCAP. In real world conditions, the crash test would be equivalent to two cars colliding at 55 kmph with a 50% offset.


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11 thoughts on “Video – Ford EcoSport scores 4 stars in Latin-NCAP crash test

  1. Yuvi says:

    Hats off to Ford for this wonderful product! Ford never compromise when it comes to occupant safety..!

    Great work..!

  2. Mohammed says:

    Historically, every global car goes through radical structural changes and cost cutting measures when they release those vehicles in India to price them competitively. This affects their safety standards considerably.. Is t
    he Indian Ecosport any different? Can you pls confirm if the ES due for release in India would be same released elsewhere?

    1. Anjan Ravi says:

      Hi Mohammed,

      We had a chance to ask the same question to the Ford officials during the EcoSport’s Geneva debut. They confirmed to us that the EcoSport is indeed coming from the Chennai plant.

      1. Mohammed says:

        Thanks Anjan. ES going to Europe from Chennai is no shocker since they can take advantage of the cost differential, yes I agree on that. Renault is doing the same with Duster too.

        However, does that mean the ES sold in India would the very same one sold in Europe? Generally, the vehicles exported by Indian manufacturers from Indian plants (Toyota, Hyundai, Renault, Ford)to other countries are reported to carry structural changes and even cosmetic changes to comply with stricter safety norms and design requirements of respective countries.

        In India, since there are no safety regulations as such, manufacturers generally tend to cut corners and save on production costs and try present the best pricing to the customer at the expense of passenger safety.

      2. PK says:

        I Had a look at this car in chennai last week.

        With kind of build quality offered by Ford, i can surely say that this car will be safer than its competition.

        For instance , the front door was so heavy, i can sense that it is almost double the weight of an hatchback door module. Heavier structure meant for better side impact crash performance and i hope side airbags would be offered as optional pack for indian market.

        I felt the same when i opened the boot also! More steel..!

        I expect this would get 5 star safety rating in EuroNCAP !

        I would say its truly a global car as ford mentioned !! πŸ™‚

      3. Mohammed says:

        The tough, rugged, super heavy and heavy metal Scorpio scored a poor 2 rating when they underwent crash tests in US for their pick ups initially. They were rejected for failing in the crash tests and mileage targets :)Car safety is NOT about heavy doors and lots of steel πŸ™‚

        It doesn’t matter to Indians if the ES scores 4 or 5 in EuroNCAP or Latin-NCAP tests. Its important to know if Ford is going to sell the very same car in India without diluting its safety aspects and without structural changes. If they’re selling the very same vehicle sold in Europe or elsewhere, good. Personally, I would rate the car higher then, despite its practical limitations due to a cramped cabin.

        The i20 had a 5 star rating when it was launched in India. The Swift still outsold i20. That’s India πŸ˜‰ Maruti provides bad brakes in lower variants and better brakes in top variant…how risky is that for a family or for yourself in a reckless driving India πŸ™ But it is India, people run after brands blindfolded πŸ™‚

  3. sandy says:

    “The Latin-NCAP has a frontal collision speed of 64 kmph with a 40% of the width being offset. The speed of impact is increased by 8 kmph compared to the Euro-NCAP” – could be the reason why 5* EuroNCAP vehicle scores 4* in Latin-NCAP.

  4. doctor says:

    and that was with multiple airbags.

  5. PK says:

    Saw this vehicle in Express avenue mall in chennai.

    Fantastic looks in every angle. Ford vehicle are known for safety. No wonders this has got 4 stars.

  6. Nikhil says:

    i20 fared much better than this in NCAP


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