Tata is the latest entrant in Mo-Town, Detroit. A new Engineering and Innovation Center has just been opened in Troy, Michigan by Tata Technologies and they have something interesting to show.

Tata eMO-C side view

About the eMO-C Small Electric Delivery Van for North America:

On March 14, Kevin Fisher, President of Tata Technologies vehicle program development unveiled the eMO-C Small Electric Delivery Van based on the eMO concept shown in Detroit last January. The eMO-C (electric MObility-Commercial) is believed to be a small delivery van that can be used by couriers for delivery or even for Pizza delivery!

Tata eMO-C front three quartersTata eMO-C loading bay

The concept certainly looks very exciting and we hope Tata takes it very seriously. Here are the pointers that you need to know:

  • As of now, there are no plans to put the eMO-C into production. It is being treated as an engineering study
  • Tata has however, conducted a price estimate and realistically it would start from $15,750 (INR 8,50,500) and go up to $23,750 USD (INR 12,82,500) before the rebates that are generally given to electric vehicles. The price per mile (1mile = 1.6km) with eMO-C is less than 2 cents (INR 1.08) per mile.
Tata eMO-C and Tata eMO

The Tata eMO-C (right) is based on the Tata eMO (left) showcased in Detroit in January 2012.

  • The eMO-C will meet all current major global regulatory and non-regulatory standards, including current North American safety regulations. It can be modified to meet specific market regulations as well.
  • Different battery modules will offer range of 50 miles (80km), 100 miles (160km) and 150 miles (240km).
  • Engineering teams working from India, Europe and North America collaborated to make the eMO-C using a Global Delivery Model.
  • The original eMO had Tata filing for 15 patents, notable of which are the lift and slide rear hatch.
  • Tata thinks there is a definite potential for the eMO-C in North America

About the new center:

  • The center is about 10,000 square foot in size and is located at 800 Tower Drive, Suite 200. In there, there are about 60 engineering professionals and that number is expected to increase to 100 by December.
  • The center is led by Kevin Fisher and it is the North American home to the Tata Technologies Vehicle Programs Development Group.
  • This group is responsible for the developing the Tata Technologies eMO (electric MObility) EV study. It was earlier shown at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

“We studied the global commercial market, analyzed the competition and emerging technology trends, and evolved the eMO to produce a compelling, best-in-class commercial concept,” Fisher said.

Tata eMO-C Image Gallery

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  • GB

    Actually, disappearing doors aside, the fact that this car has a tailgate that would open is itself an achievement. After the nano and the iris with their fixed tailgates, I was beginning to think that the Tatas were stuck with this useless platform.

  • Mohammed

    Good move. It’s appreciated that there’s tremendous emphasis and visibility on global operations and I’m sure there would be a point in time where efforts would turn into success in the West. That would probably trigger a change in brand perception down East, in India :) and people would be excited to own a Tata product then…lol…


    Briliant idea, but why cant you do this in your own county, we are waiting for some thing like this, some thing in the budget, like a tata nano electric, tata nano air compressed, tata nano water fule,(” TATA NANO NUCLAR ” never need to refule again,)

  • GB

    WOW, this is wonderful.

    The innovative tailgate of this car reminded me of this youtube video on disappearing car doors 😉