Tata Motors to bring new products; plans to revise product portfolio

Posted on: Mar 4, 2013 - 10:03am IST

Tata Motors is witnessing a dwindling market share in domestic passenger car market and it is high time for India’s largest automobile manufacturer to step in and plug the loop holes.

Tata logo on the Vista D90

Had it not for JLR’s record breaking global run last year, Tata Motors’ bank statement would have been in a pretty bad shape. The company is planning to come out of the adverse situation by being present in segments that are witnessing growth.

Mr. Karl Slym, Managing Director of Tata Motors told media on the sidelines of BCIM car rally that, “In passenger cars, we are not in a strong position. We have lost market share. There are segments that are booming in which we don’t have products. On new products, new features, new launches, we have been rather quite, we need to change that.”

The statement gives a hint that Tata is working on new products to fill the void in their portfolio. For example, the automaker doesn’t have a compact SUV which is the pick of the lot nowadays.

Mr. Slym also added that in short term, that is in few months, there would be minor improvements made on the cars, in medium term (in a year or so) there will be “drastic changes with new products” and in long term there will be a portfolio revision.

Tata Motors is in a dire need of fresh and new products and we hope, in the long run, the automaker would scale back the lost height. The next gen Nano, Indica and Indigo along with a mini SUV would prove very crucial in the company’s future portfolio.

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6 thoughts on “Tata Motors to bring new products; plans to revise product portfolio

  1. brahma says:

    tata motors should have a new design language for its future cars which has to be sportier on outside and interior and desireable for you the best example is hyundai from its ugly designs to eye catching fluidic designs and i would like to caution tata motors that designing cars looking sportier and desirable on out side doesnt solve the problem design the dash board as sportier as possible like fiat bravo, swift, etc its important

  2. Arvind says:

    Tata motors should redesign the Manza look as soon as possible. It is very out dated design.

  3. f150 says:

    Too much funds being allocated to JLR R&D, and Tata Motors is giving step motherly treatment to the TM portfolio, just some nips and cuts on the sheet metal wont do anything great in these dynamic markets. The world needs a portfolio which can garner enthusiasm from all customer base and redefine the requirements which will become benchmarks similar to how Evoque has created a whole new interest in SUV. The old overkill designs of TM needs to be revamped. TM you have the technology, just have to work on the PACKAGING and deliver it soon before you are dropped another notch in the standings.

    1. Xover@TAI says:

      Even though it may be too late,they have now allocated huge funds to TML local product development,and by the fall of the next year,we will see plenty of all new products.

      Their real challenge is to salvage their dwindling market position,until the new crop of products is ready to roll out,IMO!

  4. Jay Shankar says:

    Just come up with new futuristic design…dont even think of old odd designs.

    TATA need to change from cab business to personal touch. Any delay in launching new design, will have them caught sleeping..while the competition who are already in the making of new cars, will scale up rapidly. And it will be a tough chance for Tata to cover the lost ground.

    Last but not the least, I do have an Indigo, 68k done. Hope Tata understands, first hand customer’s opinion.

  5. Ramesh says:

    With the company falling to 5th place in passenger car sales (Feb 2013), I think its time they brought in new products or at least significant facelifts of existing products.

    Of late there have been too many press statements from Tata Motors and nothing new actually happening.


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