Tata Aria comes with a massive discount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Posted on: Mar 21, 2013 - 11:51am IST

The Tata Aria is giving sleepless nights to the chaps at Tata Motors because the premium crossover MPV is not at all selling.

Tata Aria discount

Last month Aria clocked just 4 units which is extremely disappointing. The launch of an entry level variant which is priced at Rs. 9.95 lakhs failed to evoke any response from the car buyers. The SUV duty hike just added fuel to the fire.

Tata Motors have been offering hefty discounts on almost all of its passenger cars. The Aria is now offered with a mouth watering discount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs which makes the car staggering value for money.

Tata Aria facelift
Tata Aria Facelift with AT at Geneva Motor Show

The company gives a flat cash discount of Rs. 2 lakhs and an exchange bonus of Rs. 50,000. The discount is definitely going to hurt Tata Motors’ already injured profitability but a stagnant inventory hurts even more.

The Aria is a well engineered 7-seater which finds itself ignored in most of the car buyer’s discussions. Tata is working on a facelift which would involve “image corrections” to make it appealing.

The MPV is powered by the 2.2 litre DICOR diesel engine which produces 140 bhp. The transmission option is a 5-speed manual. An automatic transmission is on its way, probably along with the facelift.

Tata Motors had showcased the Aria with an Automatic transmission and dual tone paint job at the recently conducted Geneva Motor Show as well.

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5 thoughts on “Tata Aria comes with a massive discount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs

  1. Ganesh says:

    They got the pricing part totally wrong. In India any car that is not priced well the first time has faced the same fate! Who would spend 12+ lacs on a TATA?

  2. sumi says:

    To most level TATA is to blame for it …
    it should work on key words

    1) Quality
    2) Product renovation
    3) start copying good product … if chinese can do it why should tata not

  3. Prem Khanna says:


    “The Aria is a well engineered .. ”

    Is that really a fair statement ?
    Let’s see.
    Benchmarks and statistics please .

    1. Well-engineered here refers to the fit, finish and quality, NVH values, ride and handling, fuel efficiency, etc. We mean the general properties of the car, from the engineering standpoint, are very good.

    2. GP says:

      I go with IAB and Shrawan with teh fact that the Aria is a well engineered car – I didnot believe it till I test drove it over rough and smooth terrian. I am proud the vehicle. Yes, indeed Tata tried to give the Indian Consumer a good level of quality material, but the consumer seems to have perceived it wrongly and we see a well engineered product fading away. There is also a comparison from one of the readers to Chinese product. Hope he owns a chinese automobile or just watch the reviews on Sail-UVa sales.


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