Report – Production Ford EcoSport unveiled in Delhi; Brochure, Images inside

Posted on: Mar 15, 2013 - 6:19pm IST

Ford India today unveiled the production Ford EcoSport at the Select City Walk Atrium in Saket, New Delhi where the car is parked for public viewing over the weekend. The example shown is a Titanium model (penultimate variant) fitted with an Ecoboost engine.

Ford Ecosport front viewFord Ecosport rear fascia

Ford will unveil the EcoSport in a similar fashion, across 12 major cities in popular shopping malls until the end of April. In May, 100 customers chosen through the ‘Urban Discoveries’ promotional campaign will get to drive the car.

Ford Ecosport dashboardFord Ecosport dashboard from passenger side

There is no information available yet on the exact launch date, but Ford has confirmed that bookings and prices will be announced once the Urban Discoveries campaign concludes. The campaign will be conducted in May and may not last longer than four weeks.

Ford Ecosport speedometerFord Ecosport audio options

Ford’s Vinay Piparsania spoke to Indian Autos Blog on the sidelines of the EcoSport’s unveiling giving us more details. He said there are three engine options planned – 1L Ecoboost, 1.5L petrol and 1.5L diesel – and that the automatic transmission (dual clutch) will feature only on the 1.5L petrol variant.

Ford Ecosport parcel shelfFord Ecosport rear seat

In all the EcoSport will launch in four variants and eight colors. The top-end variant will have safety features such as dual front airbags, curtain airbags, ABS and EBD. Driver amenities on the higher variants include push-button start, rear parking sensors and SYNC infotainment system.

Ford Ecosport boot capacityFord Ecosport rear door ajar

It is equipped with a dual glove box and there are 20 storage spaces around the cabin.

Ford EcoSport preliminary brochure for Indian market

[can’t see the brochure above? Head over to Issuu]

Ford EcoSport Image Gallery

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19 thoughts on “Report – Production Ford EcoSport unveiled in Delhi; Brochure, Images inside

  1. harsha says:

    Hello duster wait for me , I am coming to pick u up,!!

  2. harsha says:

    I can not wait for eco till august , pls suggest a vehicle in budget of 10lakhs

  3. ashwani bansal says:

    I think there are some tech reasons that ford is delaying ecosport launch bcz in last 1 year they have already lost more than 10000 customers and 1 year earlier customers had limited choice buying suv but today they have duster,quanto,ertiga,xuv500,nissan evilia so more they delay more they will loose customers and more will be there stupidity until unless they ever want to sell limited cars say 10 in a year

  4. shamanth says:

    @shrawan, I see a lot of difference in d quality of plastics at least in d images. brazilian counterpart looks more premium. probably we’ll hav to buy the fact that ford is building it for a price, if so we can expect a lot of dem on roads soon.

  5. Aditya says:

    Hi shrawan, just wanted to know what is the purpose of having an urban discovery campaign? The target group of such campaign is pretty limited.
    If they roll out the marketing schemes over print and electronic media today the penetration would be certainly more and will come at a rapid pace.

    1. Hi Aditya, their stance is that the customer testimonial is the most effective and honest one. If you hear the same thing Ford or a celebrity endorser says from a customer’s mouth, or say a peer’s mouth, your perception of the product is built up differently, it is more convincing that way.

      I believe Ford has tested the patience of the Indian consumer, a lot of our own readers have moved on to other vehicles. I believe this frustration was caused because of the long delay in showing a concept car, that was production-ready (exterior wise at least) and not bringing the actual car to the market for over one year. We now know why concepts usually look the way they look! But Ford has a good product in its hand, the car has to be positioned at the price points where the Global Fiesta hatchback would sit if brought to India. If they can manage that, then all this delay would be forgotten.

      1. Aditya says:

        Thanks shrawan.
        I hope ford should also understand that todays customers perception depends on review by effective auto portals and customers confidence on the strength of the product.
        A customer can be sceptic about company sponsored customer feedback also.

      2. Karuppaswamy.R says:

        Shrawan, I hope there are some confusion in the policy makers level in Ford empire, or wrong cosultancy, like government of India, the domain actually we should not touch,is the root cause for this kind of marketing strategy. The cutting edge technology will definitely be overshadowed by the delay.Delay will also cause some negative impact in pricing.Eco Sport is all set to navigate in a risky and undulate road.

  6. ajit prakash says:

    hi….when it will be available for us in Patna (BIHAR)….for test Drive or to see it LIVE……

  7. ajay patel says:

    Today i have seen ecosport in delhi…its really amazing. .interieors are better than figo…i own figo..plastic touch is royale…and even space is quiet comforatable..ultimate is comfort..

    If one want more space i think than he should go for land rover or evoque models..

    This will be unique 2nd generation suv.

  8. Mohammed says:

    Good looking exteriors.
    Below average interiors, below average plastic quality.
    Pathetic space management, unbelievably poor rear legroom and boot space makes it a bad choice for Indian families.

    Overall, not a practical car for the average Indian.

    1. Hi Mr. Mohammed, I suggest you take a look at the vehicle personally before making a judgement. These photographs can only go that much in explaining the actual space or quality. It all comes down to pricing, if the EcoSport is priced on par with a premium hatchback, it suddenly makes a whole lot of sense to the target customer.

      1. Mohammed says:

        Thanks for the suggestion and I’ll take a look, when the vehicle comes to town.

        My comments are apparently made per the pics posted. Obviously, there’s quite a lot which is conveyed through the pics, like the rear leg room or the boot space, which is a massive let down.

        If I cant take my family out on a long drive in this car comfortably because of lack of space, it doesn’t matter to me if the ES is priced at a hatchback range, it’s not of USE to me. That’s the whole point.

    2. Yuvi says:

      Mr. Mohammed,

      If you dont like the car please dont buy. No one bothered here. Dont make silly comments just by seeing pictures.

      1. Mohammed says:


        Just as you’re entitled to comment on posts which you see on IAB, everyone can / is rightfully authorised to voice their opinion on anything which interests them on this blog.

        If you like the car, go ahead and buy it. Nobody stopped you ! I’m afraid if anyone would be bothered by that !

        Different people, different views and that’s what makes this world great. And a good way to appear SILLY infront of others is a) don’t embrace different view points and b) react to other’s comments in an immature fashion

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