Hyundai India’s triple threat onslaught revealed

Posted on: Mar 29, 2013 - 2:15pm IST

So far we have seen that Hyundai has the fastest product development time of all automakers in India.

Hyundai HB20

The Korean automaker can create new products in almost no time. This also gives Hyundai a unique advantage of entering growing segments very quickly.

Hyundai is all-set to showcase its product development prowess as it readies a new 3 model onslaught for the Indian market. Here are the details –

  • A Compact SUV  

With the launch of the Renault Duster, it is very clear that Indians have a penchant for SUVs. All the automaker has to do is price an SUV aggressively and set the ball rolling.

Hyundai HB20X
The HB20X is a pseudo off-roader from Brazil

While it is indeed surprising that Hyundai India still does not have a compact SUV under its belly, the Korean automaker is not wasting time anymore.

Hyundai is developing a compact SUV to rival the likes of Renault Duster and the upcoming Ford EcoSport. There is a very good chance the new SUV will be based on the i10 platform to keep development costs in check.

Hyundai India could also adopt the HB20X route and and create a pseudo off-roader based on the i20. The trick has worked for Hyundai Brazil and it may also work for Hyundai India until a complete SUV is ready.

  • A mini MPV

The Maruti Ertiga is a clear example of Indian ingenuity. To rival the Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki decided to undercut it by creating a smaller MPV and pricing it aggressively. Hyundai has clearly sensed the opportunity and is developing a mini MPV to rival the Ertiga and the upcoming Chevrolet Enjoy.

Hyundai Hexaspace launch
Hyundai Mini MPV will fight with Ertiga and Enjoy

Hyundai showcased the Concept Hexa Space (HND-7) at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo which was a small glimpse of Hyundai’s MPV ambitions. The mini MPV will be a production version of the Hexa Space Concept.

  • A small hatchback between i10 and i20

Hyundai’s small car prowess is only second to Maruti Suzuki. The Korean automaker has a range of small cars starting with the Santro and going all the way to the super-premium i20. Hyundai plans to launch one more hatchback (tentatively called i15) to sit in between the i10 and i20.

Rumors suggest that the i15 is nothing but a next generation i10 that will sell along the current one. A similar strategy was adopted for the Accent and the Verna. Hyundai hopes to re-kindle the small car segment with its new i15 hatchback

Hyundai i10 spied chennai
New Hyundai i10 (code – BA) spotted testing by IAB reader Sriram in Chennai

Along with these three products, Hyundai will also sharpen its diesel focus as it plans to launch more diesel variants. The company has invested $300 million in building a new flexible diesel-gasoline plant which has a 3,00,000 unit capacity to satisfy future demand.

Looking at the onslaught, it’s no surprise that Hyundai is gunning for Maruti Suzuki’s leadership position. Incidentally, Maruti Suzuki is also beefing up its India plans to secure its position.

This Korean vs Japanese battle will be legendary!


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5 thoughts on “Hyundai India’s triple threat onslaught revealed

  1. Hyundai is developing a compact SUV. Really awesome hatchback car .
    I love this car.

  2. Rohit says:

    The MPV that Hyundai is thinking- any idea by when it will be launched ? They already have 7 seater MPV in Canada called Rondo or Carens. Can they introduce the same here as well ? I dont think they will be developing from scratch

  3. Ameya says:

    HB 20??

    1. sidd says:

      after your reply i too started thinking that the side profile of the spied car and hb 20 looks similar

      1. sri says:

        I have scooped these pics and had a close look as well and this jelly bean shaped car doesnt look similar to this Hyundai Brazil 20 !! but instead i would say there might be few similarities and part sharing as in the example like ORVM ‘s of i10 and i20 are similar same way might be HB20 and new so called i15 might be similar and roof rails as well !!

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