Ford expected to put the EcoSport on the Vietnamese market in 2013

Posted on: Mar 12, 2013 - 9:10am IST

Europe Ford EcoSport rearVietnamese media report that Ford will continue its assault on the Vietnamese market in 2013 with the launch of the new EcoSport. The EcoSport is being launched for those who are in the market for a compact and fuel efficient vehicle.

The report explains that people prefer cars with high ground clearance in Vietnam and Philippines, perhaps due to poor road infrastructure outside the metropolitan areas.

The EcoSport is based on Ford’s global B-Car platform, and would eventually sell in 100 markets. The European engine lineup was confirmed a few weeks ago – 1L petrol with 125PS, 1.5L petrol with 110PS and 1.5L diesel with 90PS are the three motors in the kitty. Powerplants for the Vietnamese market are very likely to come from this announced set of engines.

Ford’s plant in Chennai, India would manufacture cars for domestic and European markets in RHD and LHD configurations. Markets such as Vietnam and Philippines could source cars from India or wait for the upcoming production plant in Thailand to begin humming, which would be the fourth manufacturing base for the EcoSport, a runaway hit in South America where 700,000 copies of the first generation model were sold in about 8 years.

Ford’s eight-product lineup in Vietnam starts from the Fiesta hatchback and goes all the way to the Transit van. The only model common to our lineups is the Endeavour. The Vietnamese are Toyota loyalists – for the year 2012, four of the five best selling cars in Vietnam were Toyota products (Fortuner, Corolla, Innova and Vios).

It would be interesting to see what the EcoSport can do to Ford’s business in Vietnam.

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6 thoughts on “Ford expected to put the EcoSport on the Vietnamese market in 2013

  1. Sunny says:

    Appreciate the work done by IAB and FORD ECOSPORT today is the most anticipated and the most awaited automobile to launch

    So getting updates on that is great

    Keep the good work up IAB 🙂

  2. Govind says:

    Oh man ! You guys are tasked to do promotional campaigns for Ecosport? Or do you guys directly work for Ford by any chance ? Looks like Ford has employed Indian Autos Blog for its Ecosport marketing activities.

    Sad state of affairs 🙂

    1. Dear Mr. Ram Govind, thank you for the comments. I believe that despite investing our efforts from dawn till dusk to provide all the information our readers seek on cars that get the highest click-throughs, are most researched/most viewed/in-demand, without charging a penny, some readers may not be happy with our quality of work, which is work in progress. Before the launch of any car, it is our habit to flood the front page with whatever information we get or whatever is available on the internet. We have done it not just for EcoSport, but for every other launch, including the likes of the LaFerrari or the Hyundai HB20, which may never sell in India. You can use the tag pages to understand this practice –

      Readers have accused us in the past of working for Mahindra and being paid by rival companies to write negatively about Tata Motors, and we expect such accusations to continue despite not having any relationships with them beyond attending a one-off sponsored media drive or scheduling some phone calls or interactions with senior officials. I would politely remind dissatisfied viewers that you can choose not to come to Indian Autos Blog if you believe that our content is paid or we have wrong motives to malign the image of certain cars or companies. We are trying to make a living out this website, and we are very true to our conscience with every step we take.

      1. I would also like to add that we love our readers, we are working to bring them the best content from across the world and our only motive is to share with them everything that we learn about their favorite cars.

      2. Govind says:

        Hey Shrawan ! I’ve nothing against Ford. I’m a prospective Ecosport customer, ONLY IF , it’s a practical and functional car for me and my family and not just a showpiece with no space at the rear. I personally felt that there was a huge overdose of Ecosport coverage on IAB for quite a while now. And, unfortunately, I don’t see the same excitement around other car launches too.

        I’d like to accept your invite to not to visit IAB in the future. By the way, having followed the industry for sometime now, got to say that there’s no dearth of competent auto blogs or websites in India. I also like to accept the love forwarded to the readers, may be, as an afterthought.

        Thank you and wish you good luck.

      3. Dear Mr. Ram Govind, please reconsider your position on visiting Indian Autos Blog. At the end of the day, we write about cars which our readers love to see and learn more about, and not on any other parameters. If the readers desire to learn more about a car, we have no option but to focus more on it. This is the only route we can take to sustain in this business. The Duster, Ertiga, Quanto, Swift, CR-V, etc are some examples – we track them not just in India, but away from India as well.

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