Spied – Tata Aria sporting smoked headlamps

Posted on: Feb 7, 2013 - 6:00pm IST

Tata Aria spotted with smoked headlightsThe Tata Aria is a ‘good cop stuck in bad politics’. The core values of the Aria are genuine – it promises to seat 7 people with very good comfort and in a market where manufacturer’s are shying away from a 4WD system, the Aria provides you that as well.

Yes, the car has not sold as Tata would have wanted it to. Tata even tried to improve the sales of their flagship offering by introducing a base variant of the Aria – the Pure LX – for a rather affordable 9.95 lakhs.

While that could have brought some respite for the Indian giant, something big would have to be done to ensure that the Aria does not get branded as a ‘failure’ (maybe it already is?).

In fact, we thought that Tata would want to introduce a revised Aria by December 2012. That did not happen, however. The problem with putting off a refresh for a product that really needs it, is that the competition uses every single moment of that judiciously. Mahindra just announced a new color for their Aria rival and while it does not go down as a refresh, it will certainly keep the inquires for the car pouring in.

However, what you see here could very well be the ‘mildly’ refreshed Tata Aria. The biggest change being the headlamps, which are blackened out. The projector headlamp lens is also a bit pronounced from the regular car. Otherwise, the exterior seems to be the same.

Back at the Auto Expo last year, the Tata Aria AT Concept featuring a rosewood-beige interior, Harman audio system, silver and gold door handles, captain chairs and exterior accessories was showcased. The biggest change however was to the transmission – it carried a 6-speed AT with Tiptronic gear selection. The concept is a time machine for future Aria variants, and these parts could feature on the upgraded Aria expected on the market in 2013.

Sometime back in November, Karl-Heinz Servos, project director, joint projects, Engineering Research Centre at Tata Motors said that the Aria was in need of some “image corrections.”

Tata would have to take the process of refreshing the Aria very seriously for it to rake in decent numbers.

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6 thoughts on “Spied – Tata Aria sporting smoked headlamps

  1. Tata SUV Fan says:

    Everything is good about the car except that it relates closely in looks to the shabby Indicab. They should give a significant facelift. The Italian design offered for Indica platform is outdated and has flopped without any doubt and Tatas have to accept this fact – the earlier they do it, the better for them.

  2. Rahul says:

    Agree with Praveen and Ramesh.

    The next “big thing” to make Aria successful should be the “complete” makeover.

    With new SUV launches the competition is getting tough. Wake up TM!

    As TATA Group has now got ‘Brand Custodian’, I would like to see some branding related changes like new fresh and modern logo (not necessarily for entire TATA Group, but for TM certainly).

  3. Praveen says:

    Tata should retire its designeers. The similar grill on all models are not great but ugly on some models. Look at Aria’s rear part , its like old matador van . They should bring in good design on front and back end .

  4. Ramesh says:

    Tata need to design a totally new bodyshell over the Aria’s platform and Mechanicals and make it look like a proper SUV.

    They would be better off adding more features to the more successful Safari Storme and ditch this Aria altogether. A car that has a monthly sales of 50-100 cannot be suddenly expected to take-off with some blacked headlamps. God only knows why Tata launched a totally new car and made it look like a stretched Indica Vista.

  5. S Pani says:

    I hope that the smoked headlamps dont make it. The front face of the present Aria is it styling USP,and the headlamps were the most important component of that front face. The headlamps were probably the single best styling feature on it.

    What the Aria needs is not really a styling make over, though some styling changes could be made.

    What it needs to do is to start to justify its price.

    For one, the 156bhp variant of the 2.2L should be made standard across all but the cheap variants, and one mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox. The auto variant could be a welcome addition. A bit more kit could be added on the inside to help the case for the price, like a better navigation unit, a better screen including touch controls, 6 airbags on top 2 variants at least, alloys standard on all except Pure etc.

    Once it does that, it will be able to kick its pricy image. And considering the fact that the Aria has been far far more reliable than the XUV, volumes should improve. The Storme+Aria combo then will be quite a match for the XUV.


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