The Renault Duster is the official patrol car in Brazil

Posted on: Feb 1, 2013 - 9:34am IST

Dacia Duster Parana Police carWell we certainly cannot say that we are surprised by this piece of news here. The Renault Duster (Dacia Duster if you’re reading this in the UK or Europe) has become a bit of a celebrity of late, not only in India but in the rest of the world as well.

We’ve seen a lot of modifications in the form of a body kit, lowered chassis, front diffusers, LED lamps and the rest of the stuff customizers like to kit their cars with.

We’ve seen a special Dakar version of the Duster tear up some pretty serious terrain with its Berta V6 306 bhp engine as well, while a Duster limousine was born in a private workshop in Europe.

Today’s Page 3 Duster news comes from Brazil, the city of Paraná to be specific. The military police of the city have just gotten their keys to 670 Dusters (and 150 Fluences as well) which will be used for patrolling and other policing activities.

The Dusters sport the livery of the local Paraná city police and come equipped with a mobile antenna, sirens and even a special lighting system with the beacon’s in addition to a few features such as the power steering, front power windows, driver seat adjustment, AC and airbags.

This reminds us of the Hyundai Accent CRDis which were handed over to the Chennai City Police a few years ago. Hyundai India gifted 100 of these diesel Accent’s as a goodwill gesture and they continue to be in use.

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6 thoughts on “The Renault Duster is the official patrol car in Brazil

  1. Mohammed says:

    Well,it’s a well known fact that the Dacia Duster (Renault Duster in India) is a low budget brand in Europe and people shy away from it citing it’s a cheap company. Just like the Kia in US.

    Considering the price models adopted by Renault/ Dacia across the globe, the Duster in India is overpriced by atleast 1.50-2 lakhs !!!

    Moreover, the mini SUV/ Compact SUV/ Urban SUV segment(Ecosport/ Duster) cannot be priced so high. These are just regular cars in reality,created with SUV look alike characteristics such as high driving position and ground clearance to appear like SUV’s. But they DO NOT have the underlying hardware or capability for offroad driving. That’s why they’re car like to drive, light weight and fuel efficient too. A 4 wheel drive addition on Mini SUV’s like Duster/Ecosport or softroaders like XUV500/Aria would equip them to tackle mild dirt roads though.

    So if you’re a city champ but still would like to sneek out into the woods or explore tough trails occasionally, you might be blessed with a hefty service bill once you’re back from your adventure, in the case of these mini SUV’s or soft roaders since they’re not meant for it. It’s another matter alltogether that just about every 4 wheeler with a high seating position is called an offroader in India.

    Go for true SUV’s like the Storme, Fortuner or Pajero or the 2014 Ford Endeaor(Explorer) if you’re an explorer at heart case you want to cross rivers and rocky paths, forest trails, deserts, ice, mud and all kinds of offroad terrains.

    1. rahul says:

      Sir, do u think prices will come down as competition will grow (ford, honda, suzuki)

  2. Milo Cruise says:

    That means Duster is a TAXI, please Indians don’t buy a global TAXI…..

  3. Intesar says:

    Duster is much needed for Mumbai Police as the Sumos and Boleros are really in bad shape. Downflip side is that the rear jump seats wont accomodate potbellied constables, but Renault could work something on it.

    1. sandy says:

      Wow… Renault will do workouts for potbellied police constables, the reason I think why Sumos n Boleros are in bad shape now. 🙂

  4. Prashant says:

    That means, Duster is to the world (Brazil to be specific) what Bolero is to India 😀 😛


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