Bad news – Tata Indica XL has been shelved

Posted on: Jan 28, 2013 - 9:00am IST

Tata Indica XL CR4Regularly over the past two years, we have been excited about the prospect of the Tata Indica XL, an enlarged version of the normal Indica that was first spotted by IAB back in November 2011.

We caught up with Mr. Amit Sagar, head of Indica product group to find out more on this interesting variant that is always testing.

Mr. Sagar clarified that the basic philosophy of the Tata Indica XL was influenced by the Indigo XL – a longer version of the Indigo sedan. It was to create a hatchback (and not an MPV as we speculated) that offers supreme leg space at the back.

The Indica XL was also an offshoot of the ‘sub 4 meter’ car craze that’s hit Indian motown. But unlike other manufacturers who are trying to squeeze bigger cars into the four meter bracket, Tata Motors tried the opposite by expanding a smaller Indica (3,690 mm in length) to reach 4 meters. Unfortunately, it did not work out very well.

The added length brought several problems in the product. The turning radius increased making it difficult to maneuver in city conditions. Because of the added length, the cabin temperature control at the rear was a difficulty. Tata Motors had to fit a separate HVAC unit which increased the manufacturing cost.

Eventually, the final on road price of the Tata Indica XL started nudging the Vista’s price. Understandably no one would be willing to pay such high price for an old design.

Tata Motors also conducted market research to find out the acceptability of an enlarged hatchback. The customer feedback was that beyond a point, the rear leg space stops being a purchase criteria. The Indica and Vista already have ample space at the rear and there was no need for further extension.

Owing to all these factors, Tata Motors has shelved plans to put the Indica XL into production.

Your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “Bad news – Tata Indica XL has been shelved

  1. Rahul says:

    Wise decision! 🙂

    This must be Karl Slym.
    Karl, the way you are taking quick and wise decisions at TATA MOTORS, I am pretty sure that you will make today’s TM tomorrow’s GM!

  2. Its high time Tata starts works on Manza based MPV!!
    Otherwise it will severely fall!!

  3. Ganesh says:

    Wow, this is GOOD news!

  4. samuel says:

    hold your breath out there, I repeat if tata designers are reading this, I repeat the same above line they should revive the sierra in a shorter format with new design and the successful hydro formed chassis.
    Other alternatives are Baby safari & Baby Sumo or Grande which will rack of the competitors.

  5. S Pani says:

    Though its good to see the ERC people let their minds run wild, but this wouldnt really have worked.

    Why would a private buyer chose this over the Vista?? And why would a taxi operator choose this over an IndigoCS??

    But I hope to see the ideas continue to flow, though most may not be that feasible.

  6. sandy says:

    They have made wise thought and decision. But I still think what made them think about Indica XL thought and who were the thinkers? Any ways, they must have thought of making Limo hatch inspired by Chinese LWB concept.

  7. Ramesh says:

    I think better sense prevailed. TATA ought to bring out new designs based on latest platform of the Vista (X1) instead of rehashing the old Indica platform. Hopefully an SUV and a 7-seater MUV. But please TATA..Time you dumped the grill of Vista/Manza and the Chtistmas light tail lamp of everything -nano, Vista, Indica and Aria.


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