Ssangyong Rexton registers 1,300 bookings prompting Mahindra to raise production

Posted on: Jan 8, 2013 - 3:59pm IST

Mahindra has been on a streak of launching successful products in India.

Ssangyong Rexton India launch

After the XUV500, the Quanto came to the market and the company delivered 2,500+ units on a monthly average in the three full months that its been on sale, building up over 12,000 bookings since the launch.

The Rexton, costing about 20 lakh rupees, may not be able to repeat the numbers that smaller Mahindra models manage, but nevertheless it is showing signs of a promising future, coming from an unknown Korean brand, and despite not being available across India. The company has clocked 1,300 bookings, a top company revealed to PTI.

After the launch of the XUV500, Mahindra understands that the waiting period could be a possible killer for the snowballing of demand. The Indian automaker is increasing the production of the Rexton at its Chakan plant to 500 units per month to bring down the waiting periods.

The move will definitely aid Mahindra’s target of selling 5,000 units of the Rexton annually. If Mahindra manages to achieve the target, it could ring the death knell for the Toyota Fortuner which is the current king of luxury SUVs in India.

The Rexton is launched in India under a co-branded effort by Ssangyong and Mahindra. It is powered by a 2.7-liter turbo diesel which comes in two states of tune – 165PS/340Nm and 186PS/420Nm. The more powerful variant is mated to a 5-speed E-Tronic automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels. The less powerful version is mated to a 5-speed manual box and ‘Torque On Demand’ system.


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9 thoughts on “Ssangyong Rexton registers 1,300 bookings prompting Mahindra to raise production

  1. Faisal says:

    I had a test drive of Rexton and found the dated 5 cylinder Merc engine noisy, poor cornering with body roll, low middle seats designed for short Koreans(to quote M&M salesman) , foot pedals with more freeplay (for taller Koreans?) but the ride was smooth and interiors okay.

    Not a proven brand as Fortuner/Pajero/Captiva…
    If M&M reduce the price by a lakh or so it would be more worth the gamble of buying it since maintainence would be more…(especially the base RX-5 version)

    1. Shah says:

      M&M should sell unproven Rexton with the new 2 litre engine shown at Busan with all other feautures including autostart at this price then it could compete better in the entry level luxury SUV market…

  2. Nakul says:

    Yes the numbers represents booking and I feel that any thing M&M touches it’s turning in to a gold. Quanto is excellent car and Rexton to given the price it is value for the money. Hope that it will eat up most of the Fortuner market share… 😀

  3. Raghuvansh.R says:

    Good for Ssangyong 🙂

  4. Sridhar says:

    Thanks to Internet, people are very aware of the automotive world. People do some serious research before investing on vehicle. This is good for M&M.

    On a lighter vein: if this car were made & sold under M&M badge, I guess it would have been named as Rexto 🙂 What say?

    1. Ameya says:

      Rexto…good one 😀

  5. Govind says:

    Don’t get too excited Kaustubh. As per official records, Ssangyong Rexton has sold only 398 vehicles ever since it was released in October 2012. Can’t really trust these exaggerated booking figures from M&M.

    Those who automobiles would know that the Rexton is a Barbie doll (a toy) infront of the Fortuner. And those who still compare the Rexton with Fortuner and provide the readers with super reviews have been thoroughly entertained by M&M for that. Be rest assured ! And those go further and still buys the cheap Rexton has just fallen into the Mahindra marketing trap just as they convinced the foolish Indian customers about the weird looking Quanto to be an SUV when it’s derived out of an MPV, Xylo ! In the next 12 months or so, Quanto and Rexton will have no takers in the Indian market.

    1. Hi Mr. Govind, thank you for the comment. We have gone by SIAM data with respect to Quanto sales in October, November and December 2012, and we have reported on the bookings as per the quote given by Mr. Pravin Shah of M&M to PTI, published on Economic Times newspaper.

    2. Rahul says:

      I, too, think that the bookings’ figure of Rexton is exaggerated by M&M.

      Besides, note one thing, as per Mr. Pravin Shah of M&M, the number indicates “bookings” and not “sales”!! 🙂


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