Reader spots Tata Indica XL on test – Will it launch this year?

Posted on: Jan 4, 2013 - 6:01pm IST

Tata Indica XL CR4One of our Coimbatore based readers Vijayakumar Thangavel sent us this snap of a camouflaged Tata vehicle that “wore the face of an Indica.” Vijay said a Safari Storme and the Indigo CS were also testing along with this model.

This is certainly not a new surprise from Tata as what Vijay has seen is the Indica XL – a stretched Indica with plenty of space at the rear of the cabin. Tata can use the extra wheelbase to fit an extra row of seats or allow the customer to stretch his legs. The extra wheelbase may not translate into luggage space as bags are usually stowed behind the rear seat. If the first case prevails, the Indica would perhaps be the first hatchback in the world to get three rows of seating.

Up front there is no need for an alternative. The 1.4L CR4 diesel engine (India’s second most fuel efficient diesel engine) works in tandem with a five-speed manual transmission. The retention of the Indica’s mechanicals comes with the benefit of low maintenance and high mileage, and it will bode further well with customers if the NVH factor is also addressed.

The Indica XL CR4 is an ideal inclusion to a fleet of the taxi cabs, the operators of which have seen their business grow with tailor made variants such as the Indigo XL and the Indicab.

Next would you like to read more about the or more about Spy pictures, Tata Motors?

4 thoughts on “Reader spots Tata Indica XL on test – Will it launch this year?

  1. Shan Reddy says:

    I some how feel that there is a new engine running under the hood. If it was a 1.4L CR4 engine then such long testing is not warrented for as it’s not a new chassis and does require intense testing.

    I some how feel that it’s the 3 cyl 1050cc CR4 turbocharged engine displayed during the Auto expo 2012. It’s the cylinder chopped version if the immencly tried and tested 1405cc 4 cyl engine.

    So lets keep our finger crossed until someone spills the beans.

  2. Ganesh says:

    Another model with the name Indiaca in the line-up, may be with the same dated looks! Are people @ TATA really dumb?

  3. roy v mathai says:

    comon tata it is time to ditch all this Indica and all and start afresh. People don not really know if the Vista is a totally new car or just another variant of the Indica..which prehaps is shown in the lowering sales graph. Just remeber that Maruthi sells more Dezires and swifts in a month than Tata sells the indica vista indigo manza xl etc in a full quarter…

  4. Rahul says:

    I am a bit sceptical about this variant, because generally we Indians do not prefer longer hatchbacks/station wagon. We think longer means a sedan! 🙂

    Let’s hope Indica XL will not go by Indigo Marina’s fate.


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