Ford EcoSport spotted testing in Cochin by JishnuOur good friend and ardent Indian Autos Blog reader Jishnu Sasidharan mailed us a snap of a Blue Ford EcoSport during on-road tests from Cochin.

Jishnu writes in his message that a Ford dealer told him three test cars are traveling around Kerala this month.

Ford will undoubtedly run pan-India testing programs to be doubly sure about its compatibility with every region’s weather, altitude and road conditions. The EcoSport’s suspension settings, gearing and ECU mapping may be different compared to a Chinese specification car.

What is it that you’d like to know about the EcoSport?

Launch date and price?

There’s wild speculation on the launch date, while some believe its early 2013, others believe it is mid-2013 and deliveries could begin only in August. Prices could be between 7-9 lakh rupees.

What we know about the Ford EcoSport –

  • The 1L Ecoboost engine (turbo petrol) returns about 17kpl in the ARAI driving cycle
  • Three engine options will be available on the date of launch (1L petrol, 1.5L petrol, 1.5L diesel)
  • Ford will be eligible for small car excise benefits
  • A Poweshift automatic transmission version will be available
  • The EcoSport has a ground clearance of 200mm and a water wading ability of 550mm
  • The car features push button start, smart phone connectivity and a 346 liter boot
  • The boot door release is neatly integrated into the stop light assembly

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Do you know something about the EcoSport that we don’t? Will Ford make India wait till August before allowing customers to take delivery of their car? Please put them down in the comment box below.

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  • Kamal

    What a waste.. Ford repeating history!
    If it goes beyond Feb or of the prices are announced and above duster, am definitely going for Duster.

    Ford, good luck with Figo (no point wishing good luck for other cars)!!

    • Ayyappan

      Absolutely agree ! Saw the car in flesh while on testing, being a sub 4 metre car it has very limited boot space. Would find it hard to go on a family holidays with the luggage of 5 people stuffed in. Duster is way too spacious compared to Ecosport. For all the hype,if Ecosport is priced above 6-8 lacs ex showroom, it’s absolutely not worth going for it. Period.

      I’d rather put my money on the Amaze for that budget in view of its overall package or add 1.5 lakhs and buy a proper SUV like the Storme, which has such a massive presence on roads and is considered to be the most capable SUV in the sub 15 lac category.

  • sandy

    haha hilarious – spoke with another dealer and understand all dealers haev been given a brochure. as per this, price is expected to be 6-8 lacs ex showroom Delhi. Guess is Ford is playing ‘inky pinky ponky’ to arrive at the right price and date of launch

  • http://autogadget46.blogspot.in Vibin P Vijay

    Hey actually there are 13 Ford Ecosport test across Kerala.This week so many people saw Ford Eco sport in Ernakulam District.

  • sandy

    I am from Mumbai – understand launch in late feb / early Mar. Was earlier told price to be between 7-9 lacs. Now told the starting price 9-10 lacs ex show room Delhi!! been depressed ever since i heard the pricing. if true, so much for the wait!

  • Nilesh

    Looks wonderful from back.
    The colour is really going well.

  • Vijay

    August ! – That is too far away. Renault [Duster] will walk away with most of the probable/waiting Ford [Ecosport]customers. Ford hope you are listening – Dont do this mistake. Ensure that the diesel Ecosport is made available by March or April max – anything more will be a bad mistake

  • Jais

    I am eagerly waiting for Feb end for the car to be launched …if it goes beyond that…I may go for Hyundai Verna..or about to be launched Sail Sedan.

    • ramesh

      pretty true-I have Honda Amaze in mind,Honda will be spot on their release Date which Ford as to learn or Manza CS

  • jazzyjig

    No ! not again.