Has Audi India clinched the luxury market crown for 2012?

Posted on: Jan 3, 2013 - 6:07pm IST

Audi and BMW have been involved in an intense duel for the Indian luxury market crown throughout last year as Mercedes-Benz India sat back and watched.

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The sales figures of Audi and BMW have been running neck and neck every month with the Bavarians barely managing to outsell the Ingolstadtians. The competition was hotting up with every passing month.

In the period between January to October 2012, BMW India sold 7,389 cars while Audi India has put 7,267 cars on road, which is just 122 units away from dominance. Mercedes Benz India sold 7,138 cars throughout 2012 which is much lesser than its compatriots.

While Audi India and BMW India are yet to release their total sales figure for the full year, Audi India’s Facebook page has thanked its fans in it its new year greetings for making the brand No.1 in 2012. The greeting reads: “2012 really was the year when we seized the day, 366 times; and raced towards the position of the No. 1 Luxury Car Brand in India.”

Audi India is planning to start off the new year with the launch of the facelifted Q5 sometime in the first quarter. If Audi India has managed to get its hands on the luxury market crown for the year 2012 then the year 2013 would see BMW doing all it can in its capacity to regain the supremacy and Mercedes will also step up its game by launching the A Class and diesel B Class.

[Source: Audi India’s Facebook page via Rushlane.com]

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7 thoughts on “Has Audi India clinched the luxury market crown for 2012?

  1. Varun says:

    The game is not yet over for Merc with last year !! Lets watch the game in 2013 with most of the Merc models like face lifted E-Class , next gen S-Class and volume making segment like A and B. I strongly believe Merc will be comeback into their last position with a bang!!!

  2. Sudarshan_SMD says:

    With 7,138 cars sold, Merc is not too far(just 267 short). With launch of A series, surely Merc will will regain it’s supremacy in coming year.

    PS: I am not a Merc fanboi.

    1. karikor says:

      7138 cars sold by Merc was for 12 months, 7389, 7267 are the total no. of cars sold by BMW and Audi in just 10 months.

  3. Prady says:

    At that numbers for Mercedes, it must have been done more revenue than Audi and BMW. Mercedes sells more of premium segment cars compred BMW.

  4. Sidd says:

    I don’t know how but I saw a red color A class with private no. Plates on 31st December.

    I thought it was launched

    1. Should be the older model? The new A Class will launch this year.

  5. So we can expect same intense fighting in 2013.Also Hopes that Mercedes Benz will also join this battle with A Class and diesel B Class


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