Ratan Tata wants to refresh the Nano for Round 2

Posted on: Dec 17, 2012 - 12:26pm IST

2012 Tata Nano Special EditionA vision of a visionary – the Tata Nano was certainly the apple of the eye for Mr. Ratan Tata. His dream of providing a motorcyclist with a safer mode of transport may have not clicked with the audience but he is not the sort of a man who would give up that easily.

Ratan Tata thinks that the Tata Nano needs a fresh breath of life to realize its full potential. According to the man himself, the Tata Nano failed because of the following reasons –

  • The turmoil in West Bengal led to many delays in the Nano project. The first car was supposed to be rolled out of Singur but it eventually rolled out of the Pantnagar factory in Uttarakhand, a whole year late from the time it was planned.
  • All the delays in the Nano project eventually jacked up the price of the car. It was supposed to cost one lakh but it eventually started touching two lakhs.
  • The next problem was the booking process. The lottery based booking process restricted the original number of orders to 1,00,000. By the time the Sanand plant was up to full capacity, the momentum was lost.
  • Last but not the least was the marketing and distribution effort. Tata Motors did not have a proper marketing plan in place to market the Nano. They did not have a proper advertizing budget, neither did they have an established semi-urban and rural distribution channels.

However, the ex head honcho of Tata Motors (Mr. Cyrus Mistry has been recently appointed as the Chairman of Tata Motors) has started work on revitalizing the Tata Nano. Tata Motors is working on a refreshed Nano to make sure that it succeeds in its second life. The marketing team is also working on focused initiatives to increase reach and penetration for the Nano.

Given the option, what would you change about the Tata Nano?

[Source: Economictimes.Indiatimes.com]

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8 thoughts on “Ratan Tata wants to refresh the Nano for Round 2

  1. abuna ventana says:

    the entire problem is with the marketing team.. They marketed nano as a lakh rupee car and as the cheapest car in the world!
    To say frankly, who needs buy the cheapest car in the world and become the cheapest man on earth? Naturally, alto was the better option. I had driven nano and its a good car at the price point. What to be done is “REMOVE THE 1 LAKH RUPEE” blah blah blah.. which is merely impossible for an nano now.. and constantly upgrade the car at different price points..

  2. Vipin says:

    Hello Mr. Tata, the problem is with the car u made.

    That’s why its utter..

  3. Prashant says:

    Looking at Nano, most people have doubt in their mind whether this product is safe or not..
    So marketing team needs to educate people regarding safety standards & they can demonstrate through advertising & print media..

    This will help to pick up the sales..

  4. Amit says:

    Following Points should suffice the 2 refresh round
    1.Disc Break at front tyres.
    2.If possible bring in the Nana Europa model meant it european markets, with 3 cylinder petrol engine, with enough tap and torque.
    3.Power steering and with proper boot space even though if its small in size.
    4.Upgrade to good 13″ more width tyres.

  5. sandy says:

    I’ll keep the existing one for rural market but spawn another one for urban run abouts. It should bear 1500mm height and should be bit wider and longer with wheel base and track bit stretched out with 13″ wheels. Should be trendy and stylish like EON both inside and outside, though not over-designed. Good built quality, no panel gaps. Should have a nose for better crumple zone. Ground clearance of 165/170mm. Proper bucket seats and bench seats with 60:40 split. Boot space as good as EON with proper hatch door. Reduced NVH, speed sensitive EPS and refined engine of existing one. . All this but without compromising on safety and without increase in overall weight of the car; just like new Swift and new Dzire bearing same weight. No vertical tail-lamp for this one.

    1. Som says:

      Hey Sandy,
      Are you asking for a Nano or a JLR vehicle ?with your specs you can definitely design a LCC but not produce it if you can still produce it may not be called Nano or atleast be priced at i10..Don’t take Mr. Kalams words too literally and start dreaming big..

      1. sandy says:

        Well Som, what kind of specs did I asked for? Do you find any 624cc 38ps Nano engine & 13″ wheel in JLR vehicle? The aforementioned requirements is often found in other cheaper cars and other commentators know it very well that Tata can do it. So, don’t try to be in the list of persons who thought Nano dream as impossible.

  6. nikhil shetty says:

    I still believe nano has potential…cheap doesn’t have to be dull…if tata can make nano look funky..more like tata pixel concept.. they will have a winner on their hands


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