If the old Maruti Alto is termed as a success, then the new Maruti Alto 800 has to be termed as a grand success.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 rear profile

It seems nobody understood the pulse of Indian car buyers better than Maruti Suzuki. The new Alto 800 is proudly sitting on 30,000 bookings and the counter is ticking as you finish this sentence.

The number of initial bookings is more than the annual sales figure of few of its rivals!

Maruti recently created a record for the highest number of deliveries through a single dealership in a day by dispatching 200 cars from the dealership AM Motors at Kottakkunnu in Malappuram district of Kerala. The company is now ready to create a second record by delivering 111 cars on a single day, this time through a dealership named KVR at Kasargod, again in Kerala.

According to the industry estimates, around 13,000 new Maruti Alto 800s have already been delivered and the states Kerela, Assam and Punjab account for the major chunk of orders. It’s believed that the these states have more first time buyers than in metros like Mumbai and Delhi, where the Alto 800 is bought by many as a second car.

The new Alto 800 entered the scene at the right time to rescue its predecessor whose sales started declining slowly.

[Source: Autocarindia.com]

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  • sri

    hum instead of supplying the car to all the dealers across the country maruthi have supplied more towards kerala and hence they have logged the stock and on one fine day they are dispatching the cars said as delivers 111 or 200 or so on even Hyundai,tata or other manufacturers can clog all its stock and make an artificial demand and can show off like “one day accross all part of India have despatched 1000 cars” fools might get attracted but not the people who are really having the knowledge about cars, a foolish design mixing up all models and selling it with its 25+ Year old 800cc engine making some Tweeks no innovations like FORDS ecoboost or Hyundai’s ecoboost rivals maruthi at last will come up and buy engine from FIAT and will insert inside the car and just with maruthi suzuki logo will sell in market and people are just cheated by the second hand dealers hype in resale — “being a Owner of Maruthi and a Hyundai product ive made this comment”

  • Surjya

    People whoever are buying this car are anything but clever… How can you dish out so much money for the ALTO800 when the AltoK10 with a better engine and hell lot of discounts results in a better bargain… I donot know for sure but I feel it is all a marketing gimmick from Maruti Suzuki to fool/attract first timers into this piece of nonsense….

  • abuna ventana

    what an ugly car it is.
    the old alto and even the old 800 is more pleasing.

  • Prabhu

    Really hilarious !!!

    • Deepak Kumar

      I don’t like the new Alto, the car looks like a mix and match of different cars, lacks originality.

      • rohit

        I feel that the Alto 800 has been over hyped. Tata Nano is a better car than Alto 800

  • t

    Its Kerala not Kerela!

    • http://indianautosblog.com Shrawan Raja

      thanks for pointing that out, we can’t believe we spelled that wrong! Its corrected now.