Chery Jaguar Land Rover laid foundation stone for JV plant

Posted on: Nov 19, 2012 - 12:29pm IST

Chery Jaguar Land Rover JV plant inaugurationChery and Jaguar Land Rover joint venture had laid the foundation stone for a new manufacturing plant in China yesterday.

Located at Changshu in Jiangsu province of China, the manufacturing facility will roll out Jaguar Land Rover vehicles and new models under a sub brand specifically for Chinese market. JLR’s joint venture with Chinese automaker Chery was recently approved by Chinese government.

Chery Jaguar Land Rover JV plant foundation stone laid
Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer and Mr Yin Tongyao Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Chery Automobile Company Ltd

The new plant is a part of 10.9 billion Yuan investment, the other entities of the JV will include a research and development centre and engine production facility. The JV also includes creation of a new sub brand that will manufacture models tailor made for China.

Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Yin Tongyao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chery Automobile Company Ltd, said in a joint statement that, “We are delighted to have reached this milestone, achieved thanks to the understanding and foresight of the Chinese authorities and we want to thank them for recognizing the potential of our joint venture in the fast-growing Chinese market.”

They added, “Together, we will now begin working in close collaboration on our partnership plans to harness the capabilities of our respective companies, to produce relevant, advanced models for Chinese consumers.” They also announced the name of the joint entity – Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Company Ltd.

The JV will give JLR a big advantage in pricing their products effectively while Chery will be benefited from strategic development and international expansion.

JLR’s sales in China has witnessed a phenomenal growth of 80% in the first 10 months of 2012 and the new JV plant which is expected to be ready by 2014 will further help the British marques to consolidate their position.

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2 thoughts on “Chery Jaguar Land Rover laid foundation stone for JV plant

  1. Prabhu says:

    Rock on TATA ! While it has become fashionable to put Tata’s in poor light in India, Tata has become the most respected Indian company all over the world. What a contradiction of sorts. Pity the ill informed Indians who continue to take a dig at Tata’s at every given opportunity.

    1. Nikhil says:

      Absolutely true.

      People often take an image of a brand that existed 20 years ago and stick it to the brand. People in India especially have huge inertia and do not want to move out of that motion. People do not respect the change in anything and hence they do not want to see that. This is what I feel.

      TATA is changing in a lot of ways, sure there are more grounds to cover up but they need encouragement and that too from an Indian consumer first. Only then the global consumer will respect it more n more. Hyundai for example was touted as a cheap car manufacturer with a lot of defects. Today it ranks in the list of most reliable car makers according to surveys by JD Power, even above BMW.


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