All-new Scorpio planned by Mahindra in 2014

Posted on: Jun 14, 2012 - 12:24pm IST

The car that changed it all for Mahindra, the car that put Mahindra on the map, the car that transitioned Mahindra from a tractor manufacturer to a leading SUV manufacturer – indeed, the Scorpio goes by many introductions.

Mahindra Scorpip headlight

Introduced in 2002, the Scorpio changed the face of the company and since then M&M has been constantly updating its magic wand right up to the current generation.

About 4,00,000 units after the first car rolled out of Nashik, Mahindra has confirmed that it has started work on an all-new Scorpio scheduled for release in 2014. Codenamed W105, the new Scorpio is being developed at the Chennai R&D center by a select group of engineers. M&M has not revealed too many details of the upcoming Scorpio apart from the fact that it will have subtle design changes and extensive work done on the mechanicals.

Why update now?

The Mahindra Scorpio dominated in an era when the only chief rival was the Tata Safari. Things will dramatically change now with the launch of Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. Many major automakers such as Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are keen on developing sub 10 lakh SUVs to end the reign of the Scorpio.

Even the big brother XUV500 has managed to eat into the share of the Scorpio. The Indian customers don’t mind paying the extra 2 lakhs for the refinement and features that the XUV500 offers.

In the heat of this competition, Mahindra Scorpio, a 10 year old product, cannot survive without taking a hit. It needs to be updated to keep in sync with changing trends and market conditions.

What do we expect from the all-new Scorpio

  • A monocoque chassis
  • Enhanced styling
  • A more powerful engine with high fuel economy
  • Increased space for the third row
  • Classy interior and a digital interface with downloadable apps
  • 4+ star ANCAP safety rating
  • Hybrid variant as the intention has always been there

The Scorpio was a path defining vehicle for Mahindra. However, its not a flagship product anymore. Thus Mahindra needs to make sure that the Scorpio manages to fend off the new boys and sustain its leadership while being kind to the elder brother. Now that’s a tough job!

What would you like to see change on the new Scorpio?


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10 thoughts on “All-new Scorpio planned by Mahindra in 2014

  1. Vj says:

    All this indian SUVs don’t have something called reliability engineering …first day you buy one on this next day you have to go to the service center saying something is not working ..or some noise under the hood …they really suck ….when it comes to quality control …its as good as not there at all ..
    now you make 50,000 KM on them its like you have say bye bye to them..or you will have to book a flat next to the service center caz you will be always there…lol..
    Scorpio is like jumping jack .. no stability at all with the front suspension … its only so easy why don’t we copy from others ..we good at copying lol and cut cost on RND money saved ..anyway over RND is just out of the window

  2. Adi says:

    If Mahindra guys can sort out the small niggling issues related to electronic tech used on XUV, if they can come closer to quality to say honda…. they will be undisputed leaders

  3. sashi says:

    Scropio is badly in need of an upgrade.It should change the boxy style first of all.A diesel engine with AT under 10 lakhs for the top end model can attract the typical indian customers.the current model has a great look at the front but the tail is really really ugly.hope thier R&D will look in to the style aspect this time!

  4. Sridhar says:

    Yes, it is time for an upgrade especially given that XUV is eating into its sales. It still has good sales, wonder what the new version will look like. Once I had been to Pune, there I asked a cab driver about Scorpio, he said, “nahi saab, woh bahut rubber khata hai” meaning it burns lot of rubber.

  5. Anand says:

    I am fan of M&M. But I don’t believe that they could launch the product as per their original plan. They have good planning, but poor in execution and keep chnging the launch dates. Take an example of XUV500, they took almost 2 years to test it and launch. The same applicable for Mini xylo. I would expect this one probably by 2015 or 2016..!!

  6. jerome says:

    Since the Jeep days most M&M vehicle designs have been dated and ugly. Even XUV500 has fussy animal styling. The Indica was styled in Italy and all succeeding Telco cars including Aria have similar fronts. Without Suzukis design input for every new model, even Maruti would never be a success.

    Indian designers should take cues from international auto shows and study auto design abroad to produce attractive and fluidic, streamlined original new vehicle models.

    1. Gordon Patel says:

      Yes, the Indian auto manufacturers and also Ford India should hire intelligent technical people with the right education for new vehicle design.
      The original Xylo was so disproportionate it could have been designed by the blind!

      There is no justification to hire mediocre redundant people and promote them so that they can just attend meetings and keep the seat warm. At the cost of losing deserving people who are more capable and have more relevant experience .

  7. Saad says:

    Expect Scorpio to carry XUV’s lineage forward.
    I see a lot of stuff carried over in new Scorpio..
    It would be interesting to see new Scorpio vs Storme (if Tata launches it by that time :P)

  8. APN says:

    Send the 2014 version to australia.


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