Toyota confirms Camry in August & interest in Lexus to IAB, plays down Avanza’ possibilities

Posted on: Apr 4, 2012 - 7:24pm IST

Mr Sandeep Singh, the Deputy Managing Director, Marketing of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, provided answers to some of the questions Indian Autos Blog readers have been asking for the last few months at the ceremony marking the commencement of Etios exports in Chennai yesterday afternoon.

Toyota Camry front

When will the new generation Camry get launched?

(The new) Camry will be launched in the month of August. We’re going to assemble the car in India and everything is as per plan. We will start production by the end of July and it will be launched in August. Pricing will get affected by the budget. We don’t have diesel engine for Camry. No where in the world it is launched with diesel engine.

Avanza – Is the restyled model suited for India?

There are so many models, you go to Japan, Bangkok, Indonesia, each country has got its own plan. We have no plan to bring Avanza.

Is there space for a sub-4 meter sedan between Liva and Etios?

We are not going to go there. We believe that we cannot meet customer aspiration by giving sedan in sub 4-meter, you can launch hatchback but not sedan.

Tell us about the introduction of Lexus in India

We have not yet finalized the date, we’re still doing the feasibility study of Lexus and as of now, we have not finalized because we’re going to launch a few models of Lexus (aimed primarily at the emerging markets?), huge amount of study, its a different division altogether. So many things are happening around it. Lexus will be a CBU.

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