Exclusive – Tata Motors to launch refreshed ‘Sumo Gold’ this month

Posted on: Oct 10, 2011 - 8:40am IST

[Update on 11/10/2011Sumo Gold Spyshots added on a recent post]

No, this is not a special edition to celebrate 5,000 years of Indian jewellery.

Tata Motors’ next target is to revive sales of the Sumo brand which has come under intense heat of the Bolero. The Bolero has managed to eat into the Sumo’s marketshare and to fight back, Tata plans to refresh the original Indian SUV by giving it a new name, cosmetic upgrades and a new engine.

Tata Sumo Victa

A few weeks ago, Tata dropped the Sumo nameplate from the Grande while highlighting the DICOR suffix. By doing this, Tata hopes the Safari imagery will be recalled on seeing the new Grande. To differentiate it from the Safari, the Grande lacks the kit and safety features offered on the Safari.

The Sumo ‘Victa’ brand will be partially or fully replaced by the ‘Gold’ brand and under the hood, a new 3-liter CR4 engine meeting BS4 norms will be shoehorned. The new Sumo is expected to get minor cosmetic touches and a clever marketing campaign to woo customers back into their dealerships. Tata will be looking to use the spending spirits of the festive season to gain the required traction.

[Update on 11/10/2011Sumo Gold Spyshots added on a recent post]

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive – Tata Motors to launch refreshed ‘Sumo Gold’ this month

  1. riaz ahmed khan says:

    vv best

  2. Sivakumar MJ says:

    TATA cannot overtake Mahindra at this moment. Mahindra’s have overtook TATA. Mahindra’s New Bolero, New World SUV XUV500, New Facelift Xylo, New Xylo Mini has really strengthen its position and clear winner. TATA’s has to come out with new styling with the help of Landrover Engineers rather than relaying on their engineers who are still behind the old packed designs. Indica,Nano, Grande, Indigo, Manza, Aria,Safari all are out dated design, Its 100% sure these will not give TATA to compete against Mahindra or new lauches from Global companies. This is rite time for TATA to give a quality products rather.

    A big congrates to Mahindra Engineers & Management in giving new looks to their products..

    Sivakumar mj.

  3. Thefundu says:

    The days are gone for Sumo. Something innovative and refreshing is needed now to stay in competition with Mahindra now.

    1. Tata motors’ sumo gold did not see but hope Tata will produce quality products to overcome the present compitetor Mahendra.Nowadays all are demanding quality;newlook&Ecconomic’
      will success the market.


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