Tata working on 40kmpl diesel Nano?

Posted on: Feb 1, 2011 - 8:03pm IST

The dream child of Ratan Tata, envisioned to shift masses away from bikes and upgrade to cars, hasn’t yet ‘clicked’ the way all of us expected. People are still buying bikes and they are buying them in plenty.

Obviously, the Tatas aren’t giving up so early. They are planning to complete with the two-wheelers on a critical factor that influences an Indian consumer the most, whether it is 4-wheeler, two-wheeler or one-wheeler – Mileage!

A report from IndianCarsBikes suggests that the Nano Diesel is expected to deliver 40kmpl. For our international audience that’s 94 mpg! ICB adds that the Nano will not have a CRDI engine but will instead rely on the Tata ACE’s IDI engine.

Tata Nano diesel

We are not very sure of this ICB report as all along we have been hearing of a 2-cylinder CRDI engine being developed for the Nano. The company has also confirmed this development recently, giving ICB another credibility point.

Tata Motors to NDTV Profit in September 2010 –

We are developing a two-cylinder diesel engine for the Tata Nano. We will give ourselves the time that is required to develop and refine the engine to our satisfaction. It is premature to speak on the details.

The ACE is powered by 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 700 cc engine which is only BS III compliant. The engine block is the Indica’s engine cut in half.

Clearly, this engine will be tweaked to make it BS IV complaint as Tata doesn’t want to miss out the congested areas in India where bike riding is a harrowing experience. As a result, we really cannot comment on the performance of the Nano diesel.

But 40 kmpl is something unbelievably fantastic.

This sort of mileage could certainly match up against a few bikes that are currently sold in India. Plus, because it’s a diesel, which right cost 40 rupees per liter, the cost of running a Nano would be below 1 rupee per kilometer.

Will this effort finally ‘click’ with masses? What are your thoughts?

Source – IndianCarsBikes

Quote Source – profit.ndtv.com

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23 thoughts on “Tata working on 40kmpl diesel Nano?

  1. Andreja says:

    I can’t wait for Tata to start selling Nano on Balkans and in eastern Europe in general. I think it would blow the competition out of the market, especially diesel variant. We have been deprived from small, fuel-efficient, easy to maintain and cheap new cars for years now. Fuel prices are constantly rising and we can’t ride motorcycles all year round as it gets much colder here in winter than it does in India.
    It would be great if we could buy Indian motorcycles too.

  2. Chandran says:

    The recent events tells us 2-cylinder CRDi with less number of sensors, under 800cc is going to power Nano. I was told by my friend who is working with this project that NVH level is so high it puts the other diesels to shame. But that was at the development stage. I think any engine below 0.8L to 1.2L with weight of nano can achieve magical figures, so 30-35km is always achievable. The rear engine concept is what most common people are annoyed about , almost everyone says its dangerous. This is one area Tata need to have a second look. This will save the Tata the image it lost because of the fire incidents.

  3. Inder Talwar says:

    What I have heard. Looks like true that we are getting the NANO -Diesel CRDI with fuel injection from BOSH – Germany. Just to explain the differance between CRDI Diesels and other Diesels . Sit in a VOLVA CRDI Bus and ordinery Diesel Bus . Speed,Noise,Pollution,Torque . Power outputs would be more than double between the two Diesels. Infact there is no match. Last not the least even the milage about two times better. What more can you ask. We only hope that the price is comfertable. I belive it will certainly give an average of 40 k.m./per Liter . The best part will be that India is first to produce $ 2500 car . And now it is going to produce the smallest 700 – 800 c.c. CRDI car. Wishing Mr Ratan Tata’s dream car all the best.

  4. ShivaNe says:

    It’s superb!!! Proud of our own Indian car!!! I am sure it will do extremely well in the market – across India & even beyond. Good Luck Tata. We value your effort to bring such product.

  5. Jishnu S V says:

    Nano with a diesel engine is tempting. But if they are going to use Ace engine without common rail tech then there is the high NVH and vibration from this engine which could put away potential customers. I think they should use the Ace engine with common rail, even though it adds cost its a better option than naturally aspirated engines. 40 kmpl seems unbelievable, it may be in the region of 20 – 25 kmpl or even 30 kmpl on the highway.

  6. mechanical vinothkumar says:

    nice to hear but i do have certain questions
    1. how TATA is going to do NHV levels-it is reported to be a niggling problem in NANO
    2.do TATA get right pricing for diesel NANO – coz they developed “venture” that can carry 8 at the price of 3 lakhs
    3. When do tata NANO dsl hit market – late means same result as petrol NANO

  7. MAX says:

    Indians are very much considered about the mileage about a vehicle. Even if one goes to buy a car which costs him a fortune, they will be very considerate about the mileage which it returns. So in a country like India a car which returns 40kmpl will definitely get a lot of attention and the bookings are gonna hit new records!


    Surely Indian Customers will like it. As milage is 40 KMPL , it is going to win the heart of many people to enable them less maintaining Cost for a car.Best of Luck to Tata Motors for its efforts. I hope Tata Motors will ensure Product Launch first time free from any problems in a Car.


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