Ford EcoSport – The Figo platform SUV everyone’s talking about

Posted on: Jun 23, 2010 - 7:02am IST

Ford EcoSport

During an online chat with friends in Brazil, the topic of a Ford SUV on the Global B Platform (Figo’s platform) was opened. Many blogs and online portals have started speculating on the possibility of a mini SUV on the Fiesta/Figo platform for India and Ford has acknowledged a portion of this claim by stating they are working on a SUV, which could be smaller than the Endeavour (if it was bigger than the Endeavour, it is what we term as “inter-city bus”)

The vehicle, we thought, was going to be developed from scratch by the Ford’s team here in Chennai, responsible for the Figo. But how wrong we were.

Ford EcoSport

Our Brazilian friends tell us there’s a SUV named “EcoSport” which sells in Brazil and is based on the B-Platform. The vehicle is 4.3 metres in length and comes with both manual and automatic gearbox. It employs four powertrain options, the smallest which is the 1.4-liter powerplant. The vehicle has been in the market since 2004, and it is in need of a makeover.

Ford could forget the idea of selling this vehicle as a small car since 30cm is a large chunk of sheet metal to chip out. The vehicle is offered with 1.6 and 2.0-liter petrols in Brazil indicating that it is not built necessarily for economy.

Ford EcoSport

The dashboard and many other elements inside the cabin come from the Figo/Fiesta. The seats, gear lever, hand brake and evenĀ  the steering wheel look exactly the same from the images. Ford will give the car Kinetic Design touches (different headlamps, bumper and grille). We suspect at least 50% of the components will come from the Figo/Fusion/Fiesta inventory.

Visit the Ford Brazil website to learn more on the EcoSport

What are Ford’s 8 new cars for India by 2015? We take a guess

1) 2013 Ford Endeavour

2) Ford B-Max

3) Ford Euro Fiesta sedan

4) Ford Focus

5) Ford small car below Figo

6) Ford Mondeo

7) Ford Euro Fiesta hatchback

8) Ford Ecosport (you just read above)

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11 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport – The Figo platform SUV everyone’s talking about

  1. Rakesh Patel says:

    Ford has wasted its time not introducing Ecosport in India simultaneously, when it was launched in Brazil.

  2. RAMESH says:

    ford should introduce it with petrol engine 2 wheel drive and shouldnt cost more then 7 lakhs (the base model).most of indians would forget the sedans like honda city verna etc.

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  4. […] see, Ford opted to bring in the earlier generation Fiesta and rebadged it as the Figo. The currently running EcoSport is fully based on this vehicle, and we suspect Ford will consider that option for India. What you […]

  5. tito livio says:

    Both motors, 1.6 and 2.0, are flex, runs with petrol and/or ethanol

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  7. Glifford says:

    The EcoSport is nothing but a beefed up Fusion! I have seen it in Latin America and it is the same size.

    It should do great here if they can price it a couple of lakhs more than the old Fusion so long as it has an AWD.


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