Tata reacts, orders probe for latest Nano fire case

Posted on: Mar 23, 2010 - 10:57am IST

Tata Nano isn’t going to celebrate its first birthday

This certainly isn’t the way Tata would have liked to celebrate the first birthday of the Nano.

The company is now in the process of investigating the possible causes behind the Tata Nano which went up in flames yesterday in Mumbai, minutes after it was delivered to its customer in Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

Spokesperson for Tata Motors –

This is a unique case. We are trying to figure out what went wrong.

Over the last one year three other cases of Nanos going up in flames have been reported. All the three cars were parked when the incident happened.

Tata Motors announced the problems with the static cars catching fire were due to a faulty switch placed near the steering wheel. The company stopped sourcing that faulty component from the vendor and performed checks to vehicles on the road.

Tata Motors has offered to return the money to Mr Satish Sawant, the insurance agent who cheated death yesterday when the car he was driven in by the company driver suddenly burst into flames, barely 45 mins into the drive.

The exact cause of the fire is still being investigated and it remains to be seen if Tata will deploy one more round of checks before cars are delivered to customers.

Source – Hindu Business Line

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6 thoughts on “Tata reacts, orders probe for latest Nano fire case

  1. SPARKY says:

    In 1985, just outside Denver, My Friend was driving behind a air cooled VW that Exploded and burnt up and killed the driver. The Tata Guy lived. I Will buy a Tata EV if given the Chance.

  2. Gregckam says:

    I think this are problems taht they are fixing, i saw lot of cars burning in the streets of europe without reasom, tahts the reasom they are studying what happens un that time

  3. shank says:

    They will blame the owner. Thats how things work in India.

  4. Carazoo says:

    True that Indians were waiting for a car that was super cheap, but, while Tata should be appreciated for making the dream true, it is losing out on the customer trust. The low safety standards of Nano are certainly a point of criticism and heavy loss for Tata


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