Toyota launches Innova Sport Runner in Philippines

Posted on: Feb 4, 2010 - 9:00am IST

Toyota Motor Philippines introduced a tougher (looking) version of their best selling and one of our country’s best-selling MPV – the Toyota Innova dubbed Sport Runner.

The Toyota Innova SR, based on the refreshed Innova launched in 2009, features side skirts, rear spoiler, front fog lamp design similar to the G variant, 15″ alloy wheels in a wider 225 / 55 R15 tires and Sport Runner badge.

The Toyota Innova SR variant will be available in 2.5-liter diesel manual and automatic transmissions at Php 999,000 (9.98 lakh rupees) and Php 1,064,000 (10.6 lakh rupees) respectively.

During the launch of the refreshed Toyota Camry last year, Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director (Marketing) Toyota Kirloskar Motors told IAB there will be a number of special editions of the existing models launched, and there would be no major launches till the Etios arrives in Dec 2010. Could the Innova Sport Runner be in that list?

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5 thoughts on “Toyota launches Innova Sport Runner in Philippines

  1. Velutha says:

    Dude isn’t our bestselling MPV the Omni? Get your facts straight.

    1. Jaz says:

      @Velutha – Thank you for reminding us. We had completely forgotten the Omni

  2. SRK says:

    Alloy and skirts are nice but I don’t think the add-on fender looks that great. It doesn’t gell with the overall flow of the design.

    But I think this version will sell in India as people even go for some hideous looking kits to make their Innova’s a bit different looking from the cabs.


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