Rumormill – All-new Suzuki Jimny concept heading to the Auto Expo?

Posted on: Dec 31, 2009 - 9:28am IST


A 2-door Suzuki concept car shown earlier this decade

We hope this really happens

Back in 2005, a representative from Suzuki speaking to media in UK revealed the all-new Jimny would be brought out in 2009. Suzuki, tight lipped about the Jimny, lead many to believe there were no future plans for the vehicle.

Suzuki might plan to make Indian as an export base for the Jimny. The Jimny SJ series sold in India as the Gypsy. Despite its uniqueness, it was packed up a few years ago. With a 1.3-liter petrol engine, the Gypsy was India’s first mini SUV in every sense of the word.

Autoten reports the concept version of the Jimny could make an appearance at the Auto Expo or the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010. The vehicle could move into production sometime in 2012.

While we can’t vouch for claims from autoten, what this report does is reminds us of the forgotten Gypsy which could make a perfect case for a recreational vehicle in this era.


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5 thoughts on “Rumormill – All-new Suzuki Jimny concept heading to the Auto Expo?

  1. sangram says:

    Its a good news a 40year gypsy is coming in a new look and engine, but what about 4*4 it is no where mentioned about it in specifications pls tell us about 4*4

  2. Ranjeet says:

    I would surely get the maruti Jimny when launched in India. I saw robust Jimny at University of GLasgow in UK. M behind it since then.

  3. dash says:

    Gypsy(Jimny in US) was known as Roll over Jimny in US market due to faulty suspension and geometry, they were almost banned due to many accidents.However in India due to political interference they were allowed to make dangerous vehicle like Gypsy, Omni, M-800 etc as only suzuki took the initiative to produce cars and VW,Renault shied away due to our kick back policies which these Japs have very good knowledge

  4. SRK says:

    It would be really great to have the Gypsy back in a new avtaar.
    I am a fan of Gypsy and would like to own one someday.


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