Scoop – Yamaha FZ for the law enforcers

Posted on: Oct 1, 2009 - 1:42am IST

Yamaha_FZ_Police_India- 1Yamaha_FZ_Police_India- 2Yamaha_FZ_Police_India- 3

We brought you the first image of the new Yamaha FZ for the police officers in our country earlier. Now we have more images and information.

The FZ model for police has been finalized after consultation with the State Police HQs in India. This model has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the police department. As per the resources this model has been approved and you should soon see the cops showing off their stylish FZs.

Yamaha has completed development and as you can learn by viewing the images, the final product is ready. When Police departments place orders the bike, Yamaha will at once start manufacturing and delivering it to the forces.

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One thought on “Scoop – Yamaha FZ for the law enforcers

  1. SRK says:


    Now our policemen will be riding one of the most best looking bikes in the country.

    What next?

    How about Hybrid vehicles?


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