Yamaha YZF-R15 new colors - 10

Yamaha have come up with a new version of Yamaha YZF-R15 in terms of colors and graphics. This new makeover adds a punch to the sporty looks of the bike. However there has been no change in any other aspects of the, other specifications of the bikes remain the same.

The Yamaha YZF R15 is now available in four new colors namely “Impact Yellow”, “Midnight black”, “Sunset Red” and “Racing Blue.”

Yamaha has introduced the much desired yellow color which I’m sure will boost up the sales of this bike, till now some of the dealers used to paint the bike in yellow on the customer’s demand charging a few extra Ks for the paint job.

Apart from the new Yellow color, the tone of the red color has also been changed and is different from the previous red color. Similarly there is a slight difference between the black and blue colors from their previous variants. The red colored bike now also has the side flaps of the same color. The previous version had the black side flaps. The Yellow color has white colored side flaps and the paint quality is very good on it.

Now lets come to the graphics of the bike. All the three colors except for the Blue one enjoys the newly designed graphics which are somewhat based upon the theme of YZF-R125.

There is a new design on the side flaps which extends to the tank of the bike. There is a new R15 sticker above the left headlamp as you can see in the pictures(I’m not sure if the new blue color also has it). The similar styling is present on the YZF R125 as well.

Yamaha has also provided the rim stripe tape in the Yellow, red and black bikes( the black bike has white colored rim stripe tapes). The cost of this bike is around Rs 2,000 higher than the previous version.

If you cannot view the slideshow below, view the images directly at the Yamaha YZF-R15 Impact Yellow Image Gallery

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  • http://www.yahoo.com ranshare

    this bike has changed the way of thinking in india , its performance should be good lets see what yahama had introduced in market,Fazer with radically different paint schemes have reached […]but R15 has the power 2 be on the grnd guyss………

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    • Jaz

      @Sarim – that is pretty bad..what kind of a problem is it giving?

  • Nazish

    So dude.. who is saying that the specs of the bike have changed or if its a different bike? its new in terms of the colors and graphics only. I talked to verious dealers and they only told that the cost of the bike would be around 2k higher than before.. If they changed thier mind at the last moment then no one can help it!

  • TnT

    ^ they are not charging a premium, nor are they calling it new.

    R15 in new colours, thats all they said. Same price, same specs, same bike.

  • Amritaksha Deb

    yamaha is going the HH way…charging a premium for every single sticker it adds and then daring to call it all new!!
    this once ailing company will go back once again to that dark period(alba,crux, fazer period) unless it stops this practice

  • http://http.//www.sapience.741.com sapience

    this bike has changed the way of thinking in india , its performance should be good lets see what yahama had introduced in market.

    • vinay raj

      I have R15 black colour,,, but it was perfoming very hosom,, r15 contains , 6gears+oilcool engine, highly speed bike indians no1 sportzzzzzz bike,,… from YAMAHA fan…