New Mercedes V12 engine will power S-Class and Aston Martin Rapide

Posted on: Jul 16, 2009 - 3:29pm IST

Mercedes Benz V12 engineMercedes-Benz is supposedly developing a new V12 engine (so much for all the 6-cylinder + turbocharger = V12 performance+lower emissions bull shit theory).

This new powerplant is likely to make appearance in the next S-Class, and Aston Martin has also inked a deal with Mercedes for this engine.

Mercedes-Benz’ V12 unit will be used in the Aston Martin DB9 and upcoming Rapide after its 2012 release.

Aston Martin at present uses a 6.0-liter V12 Duratec engine sourced from Ford (If you are reading this for the first time, your Fiesta immediately develops a Bond car connection).

It is widely believed that the Aston Martin Rapide would use the same Ford-sourced V12 unit when it embarks production. In the future, Aston might swap the Merc engine in place of the Duratec. People are even saying Aston could delay production dates to bring in the Merc V12 from day one.

Things are muddled but one thing is clear. Aston Martins from 2012 will use Mercedes engines.

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2 thoughts on “New Mercedes V12 engine will power S-Class and Aston Martin Rapide

  1. Sean says:

    both of my perents drive v8 mercedes benz cars and the engines are big enough and we haven’t had much to do with v12 mercedes benz and i we all like v8 powered cars one is a amg sl 55 supercharged and its about 5 years old and the s500 is 5.5 litre engine and we have used e10 unleaded fuel and the car ran like it was on 98 octain. mercedes brings out another v 12 it should be about a 7.5 litre or 8.2 litre or a 7.3 litre turbo diesel and i would like to see a v12 turbo diesel in a car and the car buyers in usa would love it just because of the engine size. one thing i think of a 6 litre v 12 is that it would be a bit rev a bit high for the size of engine and a bigger engine would be better with more gears and a slower reving engine like the turbo diesel would be.


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