Italian automotive website AlVolante has posted a reader spyshot of a LHD Mahindra XUV500 spotted on a highway that leads to San Marino. For the first time, the LHD version has been photographed testing. As its name prompts, the Global SUV is heading to SAARC countries and is likely to embark on long-haul flights to countries such as Australia and South America. According..

Update – XUV500 Presentation slides from the launch posted after the break Mahindra has just announced the prices of its premium SUV XUV500 and the prices are not premium. (ex-showroom Delhi). W6 – 10.8 lakh W8 – 11.95 lakh ARAI fuel economy – 15.1kmpl 2.2 liter CRDI diesel 140hp and 330Nm New concept at workshops called Relationship Managers who.. is invited to witness the launch of the Mahindra XUV500 tomorrow and tours the Chakan plant where it is manufactured, on the 29th. From launches we usually bring you pictures, videos and initial impressions but this time around we are going to add another segment to our coverage. We shoot your questions at Mahindra officials. Tell us what you want..

IndianAutosBlog brings these details to you first. Mahindra will launch the XUV500 in Pune on the 28th of this month. is invited to witness the launch and sample the car the next day at the Chakan plant. But before we bring you the detailed information, we have gained access to some features and technical specifications of the XUV500. These are purely..

Today, some really awesome developments have come to our table. Out of the blue, some interesting spyshots of the XUV500 have surfaced on the internet. You might say “What so interesting about that? There are so many available on the internet, one can make a 100 page photolog out of it” No sir! For the first time, a member from The Car and Bike show Facebook page has..

Mahindra has just notified that the upcoming Global SUV (codename – W201) will be christened Mahindra XUV500 (pronounced as XUV ‘5 double Oh’). We’re not sure why, but the “X” connotes Generation X, at which the SUV is targeted. Mahindra will launch this SUV in India and South Africa simultaneously. Mahindra’s First Global..

In this discussion video, I ask you which of the six launches I’m speaking about (Safari Merlin being the speculated 7th) is the hottest launch this festive season. Which one of the following six launches do you think is the hottest and why? Are you planning to buy any one of these six vehicles this Diwali? Watch the video to know my views on..

The test schedule for the Mahindra W201 is like the universe – there’s no end to it. At least 2/3 Indian road users have seen one in the last two years. Two readers have sent in snaps of the Mahindra W201 test mule from Tamil Nadu. Praveen Emmanuel’s shots were taken inside the city while Mr KR Pandian’s images arrive from Coimbatore...

If the W201 was a man, he’d have his statue in Madame Tussauds. It’s not only auto enthusiasts but the buzz word among the general public is the Mahindra W201 and there’s no one who understands this better than Mr Mahindra himself. Bogged by so many tweets to his personal page asking for information on the W201, Mr Mahindra was quick to utilize this opportunity..

On the official Car and Bike Show Facebook page, an undisguised image of a white Mahindra SUV has been posted by Suraj Navle. On close inspection, we believe it is the W201 which we’ve been talking about on a daily basis. The black bits sticking out of the bumpers are camouflage hiding notches or indents. Beside that you’ll see the same car parked in a Mahindra..