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Next generation Mercedes Benz S-Class (Codename – W222) rendered

Mar 20, 2012 - 3:38pm IST

Mercedes Benz is busy testing their latest offering for 2013, the new S-Class. Spyshots of the same have been shared previously and renderings of the.

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Spied – Der neue Mercedes Benz S-Klasse [video]

Dec 1, 2011 - 12:35pm IST

Here's another spy video of the 2013 Mercedes Benz S-Class model posted by CarBuzz.com. The new S-Class is nothing short of a time machine with.

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Self-driven 2013 Mercedes S-Class is an air-conditioned massage parlour

Nov 15, 2011 - 12:17pm IST

While most S-Classes in India are driven by chauffeurs who can tackle anything from bumper-to-bumper traffic to miles and miles of motorways, in abroad that’s.

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2013 Mercedes Benz S-Class spotted at the Ring

Oct 14, 2011 - 9:57am IST

It has been a long time since we had an update on the 2012 Mercedes S Class. But a fresh set of spy shots have.

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2013 Mercedes “Time Machine” S-Class undergoing static tests

Jun 19, 2011 - 2:33am IST

AutoWeek Netherlands has published an image of the new S-Class (learn why we call it the time machine) undergoing static (suspension?) tests in a lab..

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Spied – 2013 Mercedes Benz S-Class scale models

May 13, 2011 - 3:43am IST

This image could have been captured at a design studio where the next gen Mercedes S-Class is taking shape. We have brought you spyshots as.

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Video: 2013 Mercedes S-Class testing

Feb 25, 2011 - 5:29am IST

The Mercedes S class – the flagship car for the brand – has always been the definitive trend setter for the automotive industry right from.

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