The much awaited Apache RTR 180 has finally been launched by TVS. The engine displacement is 177.3cc and produces 17.3 PS of power at 8500rpm slightly more than the segment benchmark, the new Bajaj Pulsar 180 and an increase of 2PS from the RTR 160.

Torque also receives a boost to 15.5Nm from 13.1Nm previously. The TVS Apache RTR 180 has longer wheelbase than RTR 160 by 26mm and larger 110/80 17? tubeless tires. While RTR 180 doesn’t get fuel injection, that’s all the rage in motorcycles these days.

In your budget car, have you ever wished that you could just keep your eyes glued to the road without having the temptation of looking down at the speedo?

Although our roads do not allow us to explore the more extremes on the speed front, we often feel that it would be better if we could just have an icon on the windscreen that would inform us of the speed at which we were traveling without having to take our eyes off the road.

Guess what? The wish has come true!

The Indian market is hotting up in the premium hatchback segment. With two of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, Honda and Fiat, launching their vehicles in a gap of less than a fortnight, we could be heading for a war for the best car in the premium slot.

And now in comes Suzuki with a premium limited edition Swift known as the Swift Douglas in Europe. Based on the Swift GLX model, the Swift Mac Douglas hosts many features.

Could this special edition of the vehicle in collaboration with Mac Douglas, the leather brand, be an attempt by Suzuki to keep the sales figures up even when the customer is being offered a lot of other options?

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Mercedes Benz‘s full size SUV, the Mercedes Benz ML which we we enjoyed driving, will undergo an extreme make over to end up as a sporty, muscular, angular and mean looking design. We’re talking about the next generation Mercedes Benz ML which will arrive during the start of the next decade.

Features that were popular among customers in the the existing version will be maintained like the C-pillar or the flared wheel arches. Although it will have more curves this time instead of sharp edges, it will look like a muscle car.

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Honda Australia have confirmed it will offer stability control as a standard feature in the City and Jazz. In Honda’s terms, it is known as Vehicle Stability Assist. These two cars will have an advantage over others in the range, as it offers skid stopping technology.

The feature is not available anywhere in this segment not even as a cost option. The Jazz in UK is already updated with a VSA in the higher end models and you have to spend some extra to get the feature in the base model.

The Jazz has already achieved a 4-star ANCAP safety rating and the City is yet to be tested. The Jazz earlier received a 5 star rating from Euro NCAP.

What brings smile on Honda customers’ face is that the company plans to bring this feature across the range with no extra charges by late 2010.

Mercedes Benz E280 CDI_113

The more important regions of the world in Mercedes’ view have already received the new E-Class. India is yet to register it and we are informed it will arrive here in the next few months.

But before she bids farewell to us, we craved to have her company for one last time. One last chance to roam around town and indulging in the luxuries she had to offer, experiencing the Mercedes quality, comfort and panache.

Mercedes Benz loves Indian Autos Blog, and grants us our wishes every time. We were provided the special edition E-Class for four days and at the end of it, we thought of hiding it in our garage and pretending to know nothing when they came back to collect it.

Honda is targeting a market of multiple car owners in the country for its newly launched Jazz. Honda has a customer base of around 3.75 lakh out of which 70 % are the people who own multiple cars who may like to add the Honda jazz to there fleet of cars, Honda claims.

That makes a lot of sense as these are the people who already trust the Honda brand and are more likely to be interested in a new product from the Japanese house.

And also it sounds like a good idea because Honda Jazz is not a car which will be bought by an individual looking for his first car or a person who wants to buy a small car because, as he would be repelled by the Jazz’s obscene tall pricing.

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Fiat is gearing up for the launch of globally successful Grande Punto in India. The release date has been finalized for the 17th of this month. And now, the site for the Grande Punto has also been put up to initiate interest among the prospective buyers.

Fiat India brought out the Linea just a few months ago. Just like the Linea, the Grande Punto will come in three variants – Active, Dynamic and Emotion. The car is being assured with the Tata–Fiat dealership network.

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