Toyota Etios SedanToyota Etios Sedan

Thanks to Motopsyche, we are able to bring you spyshots of Toyota Etios from Chandigarh.

The Meaning of ETIOS :-

E- Economical concept of luxury, sets the new global standard in quality.

T- Technology that provides a perfect balance of sporty performance and driving pleasure.

I- Innovative bold styling combined with simplicity that is a class above.

O- Outstanding comfort, durability and efficiency all of which are a first for India.

S- Safety without any compromise making a world of a difference.

Motopsyche on first glance thought this vehicle was the Mahindra Logan. On closer inspection, they figured that it was the Etios sedan that premiered at the Auto Expo in January. Motopsyche claims Toyota could price the Etios sedan at around 7 lakh rupees. The Etios hatchback could be priced at around 5 lakh rupees.

It is normal to see car manufacturers testing vehicles with black bumpers, mirrors and door handles. Is this one of those cases or is Toyota planning a stripped-down variant for the cab market?

Toyota has no plans of launching a diesel engine on the Etios, which to us is startling. After customer queries for a diesel engine were felt strongly at the Q World program across India, Toyota says it will consider a diesel engine for the Etios at a future date.

2011 Audi A8

Autocar India reports that Audi will introduce the new A8 in India this diwali. The Audi A8 will be priced in the range of the Mercedes Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series. The Audi A8 was introduced earlier this year making it the most recent model in its class. In India, since the luxury barge-car customer prefers the comfort of the back seat, the new A8 will be offered in India only in the extended wheelbase form, whose wheelbase is 5 inches longer.

Engine options -

3.0 V6 TDI with 240bhp that’s found in the A4 and A6 and Q5.
4.2 V8 TDI with 350bhp found in Q7
4.2 DOHC V8 FSI and W12 engine

All the Audi A8s arriving in India will be equipped with ZF-supplied eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and Quattro four-wheel drive will be standard. Audi’s pre-sense system which activates hazard, pre-tensions seatbelts and rolls up the windows when the brakes are fully applied, is present on this new Audi A8.

Autocar expects the price of the new A8 to be around 73 lakh rupees (ex-showroom Delhi) for the 3.0-liter TDI model.

Posted on Aug 4 2010 - 4:16am by Shrawan Raja

Ratan Tata Tata Nano

The current range of vehicles has seen resurgence in demand, and the challenge before the company today is to deliver enough vehicles to meet market demand

Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata group expresses his thoughts on the current market situation in the company’s annual report.

electronic Car Key

There are ignition and steering-wheel locks to protect your car from being stolen. But modern cars come with factory-fitted immobilizers which help protect your car from gaining unauthorized access.

Once you switch off the ignition, lock the doors and leave the vehicle, the immobilizer is switched on automatically. It now controls three items which are starter motor, fuel supply, ignition or diesel fuel-injection pump.

To gain access to the vehicle (you obviously have to when you return to your car), three types of devices are used, which are

Radio/infrared system -

Using a hand-held transmitter, a coded signal is relayed to the immobilizer. The coded signal unlocks the vehicle and can even control the central locking system.

Transponder systems -

The car’s key is fitted with a transponder which from a short distance sends out a coded signal to a receiver coil (wound around the ignition lock, perhaps). The on-board system deactivates the immobilizer as and when the transponder enters the coil’s receiving area.

Electronic key -

The immobilizer is shut off when conductive coupling happens between between the electronic key and the immobilizer system.

Tata Nano colors

Maruti is ready with five CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) models and will put them on the market all in one day this month. So what has this prompted Tata Motors to do?

Ans – Develop a Nano CNG!

If a report on Velociti Magazine can be believed, Tata Motors is developing a CNG variant of the Nano and is busy testing it on the outskirts of Pune. The grey vehicle with black bumpers spotted testing had the CNG sticker on its windshield and looked like it was in the final stages of development.

Tata Motors is developing a diesel engine for the Nano which is widely believed to be a sub 800cc engine with CRDI technology from Bosch. Tata has also shown interest in the electric vehicle space by exhibiting a Nano Electric prototype at the Geneva Motor Show back in March. Tata is also working on a higher displacement petrol engine for the export markets. Developments such as these don’t make the Tata Nano CNG a hard one to swallow.

CNG is catching up quickly in India and the retail web is only getting wider and denser. Running a car on CNG comes second only to electricity in terms of cost.

Toyota Fortuner

It has been a little over a month since Toyota announced reopening of Fortuner bookings, and guess what? The company has stopped taking orders again! Toyota will reopen Fortuner bookings only in January 2011.

Production of the Toyota Fortuner has been boosted to 1,000 units a month at the Bidadi plant. When Toyota opened bookings last month, it said it had 4,000 waiting customers. In a single month that number increased to 6,000 forcing the company to close the gate once again.

When we contacted the local dealership here in Chennai, a salesperson said he knew customers who were willing to wait 8 months for their Fortuner!

Toyota Kirloskar Motor -

Bookings for the Fortuner were reopened between the 1st and 31st of July, which got the company an additional 3,004 bookings, taking the total number of (remaining) customer orders to over 6,056

The Toyota Fortuner is by far created the most excitement and raised highest number of eyebrows in recent times. Yes, the numbers for all major car manufacturers have been good. Records have tumbled and the market is inviting new products with open arms and all of those vehicles have been hatchbacks and sedans, which are affordable hence fast-moving, and practical for Indian travelers.

But how many 20 lakh rupee SUVs have managed to bag 6,000 orders in India?

Has the three year wait caused this phenomenon? or could have Toyota scripted the same success story if they introduced this model before? Can Toyota create a similar effect with the Etios twins?

VW Beetle Old

After Fiat was unable to create waves with its retro 500 in India, many of us were skeptical about the Beetle’s chances here after we understood it was going to cost almost double the 500s price and had lesser chances of being seen and experienced through VW’s minuscule sales network. Through the previous decades years many rich Indians have imported the original Beetle into India and several cars have undergone restoration.

But will the imports generate enough interest to keep the new Beetle alive in India? Does it have the popularity to find new buyers? Will today’s buyer look at the Beetle as an option given its more than ten years old and is going out of production?

He has!

VW Beetle America

Volkswagen has also marketed the new Beetle very well. Especially the ‘curves’ advertisement was hilarious and the message was clear. I have seen plenty of attractive ads of on Times Of India. While driving to the airport the other day here in Chennai, I saw small vertical ad boards placed on the sidewalk for several kilometeres leading to it with images of the Beetle.

If you assess the performance of Nissan, Fiat and Volkswagen, it is the German who has been the most successful in both selling and benefiting from a brand image-building car in recent times. Both the Nissan 370Z and the Fiat 500 come behind the sterling Beetle, which despite costing close to 30 lakh rupees, has attracted the most number of buyers.

If you park the Beetle, Fiat 500 and the 370Z next to each other, the 370Z will grab the most eyeballs. It’s a sports car, it looks fast and is the biggest and the most muscular of the three. The Fiat 500 put a smile on people’s faces. It’ll make you happy. It’ll even make you write poetry. You will start saving after you’ve seen one. You don’t have to flex too much to reach one.

The Volkswagen Beetle however will be the car out of this lot to get the most number of second looks. People who walk by it are bound to turn back after they’ve walked away seeming uninterested.

This assessment is purely imaginative. Which of the three would you pick if you had the choice?

KTM Streetfighter 125

HMSI talks about sub-Twister economy motorcycle for Indian market. Is this their rural market workhorse that’s short on style and tall on fuel economy? – Read about the 100cc Honda bike.

KTM’s 125cc streetfighter concept is finally named! Someone comes up with “Avatar” which everyone seems to like. The 125cc bike gets an identity and one lucky Russian gets a motorcycle to ride home! – Read about the 125cc KTM bike.

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