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We have been closely following the Mahindra Reva’s Electric car E2O which is getting ready for the launch.

Mahindra Reve E2O spied

Mahindra Reva presented the electric car at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show under the name NXR. Mahindra has reportedly renamed the car as E2O (to be pronounced as E-two-oh) to align it with the company’s traditional way of ending a car’s name with ‘O’.

The Mahindra Reva NXR is going to be launched this year, and with the big day nearing closer, engineers and testers have been working around the clock testing the car in South India.

Mahindra E2O spotted at a Mahindra workshopMahindra REVA NXR testing in n Banashankari Bengaluru

The car was recently spotted in Delhi, and today spyshots have come in from Chennai and Bengaluru.

REVA NXR test mule side profileBusiness Standard newspaper has learned that Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd has finalized a five-product strategy for launch till 2016. Officials from Reva have regularly interacted with the media on model possibilities for the future, but the company has had little to show. After Mahindra’s acquisition of Reva, the sole offering REVAi, began retailing through Mahindra’s existing dealer network and the ball was set rolling.

Whether or not the government introduces further subsidies for electric cars, Mahindra is determined to bring out the REVA NXR in India in 2012.

Mr Anand Mahindra confirms Mahindra-REVA NXR launch in India on TwitterA screen capture of Mr Mahindra’s tweet to doubts raised by his followers on the proposed electric car

Mahindra showcased the model at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo and our readers have been regularly spotting mules between Chennai and Bangalore.

Financial Express, in a report published last week, explained the Maharashtra government’s move to exempt electric vehicles from paying motor vehicle tax.

REVA NXR test mule caught near BangaloreREVA NXR test mule side profile

To encourage its residents to buy electric vehicle that will certainly make a difference to the air quality in metros and crowded towns as well as make cities less noisy, electric vehicles are exempted from paying taxes. Electric vehicles also reduce the dependency on foreign oil and are a more efficient way of commutation.

Finally after buying 55% stake in Reva, Mahindra is showcasing the first product from the tie up. Although, the company has displayed the concept models of the Reva before, there were not really finished products. At 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, Mahindra has taken the wraps of the Reva NXR for those who are feeling the pinch of rising fuel prices.

Mahindra Reva (2)Mahindra Reva (1)

The Reva NXR is a two-door hatchback powered by an electric motor. The charge is stored in Lithium Ion batteries that enable it to reach a decent top speed of 104kmph and give it an adequate range of 160km on a single charge.

The Reva NXR represent new generation of tree hugging vehicles of the lines of Nissan Leaf. Mahindra said that a distance from Connaught place to New Delhi Airport which should hurt your wallets to round about 300 bucks will only cost you 10 bucks in the Reva NXR.

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Mahindra REVA NXR rear spyshotDays after we uploaded an image of a completely unmasked REVA NXR electric vehicle from Bangalore revealing the front-end, we have a new spy pic courtesy of a Motor Vikatan reader revealing the rear.

This week Mahindra announced that the NXR is coming to the Delhi Auto Expo in January. The NXR is a two-door city hatchback powered by L-Ion batteries that helps it along for 160km on a single charge. Its top speed is similar to the Tata Nano’s.

This model lacks features such as rear wiper and extra pair of stop lights on the bumper. The model shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show had REVA written in block letters on the gray plastic slate beneath the windshield. On the revised model the Mahindra name and the brand logo are included.

Some benefits of owning a REVA NXR -

  • Freedom from varying fuel prices – To hell with the petrol pump!
  • Environment-conscious motorists earn karma points – Didn’t they tell you life is about feeling good?
  • Some corporates provide subsidies for purchasing an electric vehicle and offer electricity (only to charge the car!) at discounted rates/free of cost
  • Feeling of owning a unique set of wheels – The attraction it gains at every traffic signal gives you a taste of what Veyron owners go through!
  • Lowered service cost – No oils, filters and belts to change
  • Instant torque of an electric motor – Imagine an engine that has a sweet spot throughout the RPM band
  • Silent, vibration-free operation provides improved passenger comfort; Music lovers will appreciate this more as the audio quality is much better

We’ll keep an eye out on how Mahindra markets this product to the Indian public that perceives electric cars as slow, dull and impractical.

We’ve been hearing about REVA’s NXR (next generation REVA) in India since the time it premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in late 2009. If you recollect, our Brazilian follower Gustavo Ruffo sent us snaps of the unveiling too. REVA initially hoped to launch the NXR in India last year but after Mahindra acquired control of the company, the launch for some reason has faced delays.

The two-door hatchback features Lithium Ion batteries that enable it to reach a decent top speed of 104kmph and give it an adequate range of 160km on a single charge.

Mahindra REVA NXR

In a press release sent out today, Mahindra stated the NXR will be exhibited alongside an electric Verito at next month’s Delhi Auto Expo. We believed the car in question was the same model showcased in Frankfurt. Turns out Mahindra has pasted its company logo on the NXR’s front grille.

Spied near Bangalore, the REVA NXR sports a fine pearl white color revealing new details. This could be a low-end variant as it lacks fog lamps and body colored wing mirrors. Notice the windshield wiper that is of opposed type and the blackened roof.

This version of the NXR is expected to be on view at the Auto Expo next month. We’re told that Mahindra is charting plans to launch the vehicle next year on the back of rising fuel prices. The REVAi is available through certain Mahindra outlets and the new addition could be retailed alongside the predecessor.