A report on Just-Auto.com reveals that Fiat is dropping its staple model Punto in favor of a four-door version of the 500. The mass-market hatchback would..

The Fiat Punto was introduced in 2005, and a next generation model is long overdue. According to a report on Autocar UK, the next generation 2015 Fiat..

The Fiat Punto was launched in Australia on August 2, 2013. Fiat has opted to launch the updated and facelifted Punto, the model that is on sale almost..

Fiat UK has announced a new Fiat Punto Sporting trim apart from a comprehensive update to all its variants. Here is a detailed look. The Punto will continue..

While the Fiat Punto continues with its old look in India, the Brazilians get newer versions and special editions. The facelift dons a redesigned front..

In India, the Fiat Punto may not have received the same attention otherwise reserved to an Italian hatchback. That has not hampered the global sales of..

There are multiple theories circulating within the automotive fraternity about the future Fiats, especially the next generation Punto and the Bravo. While every report is slightly different from the rest, one thing becomes clear. The upcoming Fiat cars will be heavily based on the 500 and the Panda. According to Carmagazine.co.uk, the Fiat is working on a range of new..

There are many speculated design theories about the next generation Fiat Punto. Some say that the car will be inspired by the new Panda and some say it will derive inspiration from the Fiat 500. And there are some who report that the car will borrow cues from both the Panda and the 500. The current Grande Punto which was penned by the legendary car designer Giorgetto..

The next gen Fiat Punto and the Fiat Bravo are getting into shape at a snail’s pace owing to the company’s new found focus on compact SUVs. Nevertheless, the successors to the Grande Punto and its big brother, the Bravo are on their way. Mr. Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat told La Republica that the future B and C Segment products from the Italian automaker..

The first efforts of Fiat’s 2016 strategy roadmap are starting to bear fruit. We have the first images of the Punto Abarth testing in India. This test mule was spotted by a TeamBhp forum member ece2k2 on the streets of Coimbatore. If you observe carefully, this is a Punto Abarth Evo EsseEsse which is the highest state of tune for any Punto Abarth. The turbocharged 1.3L..