Rumored to produce 1500 PS from a quad turbo 8.0L W16 engine. Following spyshots of the Bugatti Chiron’s crash test mule, IAB’s graphic artist,..

Looks similar to the Bugatti Vision GT. One of the most highly anticipated hypercars – the Bugatti Veyron’s successor – is rumored to..

Update: The article has been updated with images of the Bugatti Vision GT from the IAA show floor Previews Bugatti’s future design direction. Following..

To debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Bugatti has joined the bandwagon of manufacturers that have created exclusive design prototypes for Sony’s..

Bugatti Chiron – Rendering

Posted on Aug 13 2015 - 3:33pm by Shrawan Raja

Will reportedly develop about 1,500 bhp and 1,490 Nm. The successor to the mighty Bugatti Veyron is expected to debut in 2016, with a price tag of over..

To be launched next year. The successor of the highly revered Bugatti Veyron is in the works, which will feature a new design, better materials and more..

Expected to feature an aero-efficient design. Bugatti’s most awaited successor to the legendary Veyron is currently undergoing development, which..

Will retain the large 8.0-liter W16 engine. With the end of the Bugatti Veyron’s production, the rumormill on the successor (reportedly called the..

As the name says, it’s the final Veyron. After selling 450 Bugatti Veyrons, the company has reached the end of an era. The last ever (chassis number..

Update – S.Heiligenstein Photographie has posted pictures today of what is believed to the be ‘La Finale’ Veyron, spied days ahead of..