Honda CBR250RR based on Light Weight Super Sports concept – Rendering

Posted on: Oct 5, 2015 - 1:54pm IST

Features twin projector headlamps.

Based on the Honda Light Weight Super Sports concept, MotoBlast has come up with a rendering of the highly anticipated Honda CBR250RR.

Honda CBR250RR front rendering based on light weight super sports concept

The Light Weight Super Sports concept was revealed just a few days ago with no technical details attached. Judging from certain aspects of the model, like the installation of a single disc brake at the front end, the concept is understood to be a preview of the Honda CBR250RR. The design study will be presented at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show that opens on October 28.

Honda CBR250RR front quarter rendering based on light weight super sports concept

The CBR250RR is expected to replace the CBR250R in certain markets, and compete with motorcycles like Yamaha R25. It sports an aggressive design that is almost nothing like the company’s present or earlier models in the entry-level performance motorcycle segment.

The concept is expected to influence its siblings like the Honda CBR150R, CBR300R, and possibly members higher up the segment ladder, like the CBR600RR, in their next major iterations.

Apart from the new styling, the Honda CBR250RR is expected to feature a new engine with a twin cylinder configuration and DOHC.

Honda CBR 250RR – Rendering

[Rendering – MotoBlast]

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