Next-gen Renault Duster with 7 seats – Rendering

Posted on: Jun 1, 2015 - 9:05am IST

Will be underpinned by a ‘modular’ platform.

The Dacia Duster/Renault Duster, one of the most popular models with global sales of over 1 million units, will see a successor sometime in 2017, reports Quatrorodas. Sources told the publication that the second generation Duster will look more-or-less similar to the current Duster facelift (which is yet to launch in India but is available in global markets) but will present its design traits in a more modern way.

2017 Renault Duster 7-seat rendering
While the regular Duster will measure about 4.3 meters in length, the 7-seat variant will be 4.5 meters in length.

Based on a new platform, the 2017 Duster will grow marginally in breadth and height, but incrementally in length. According to the report, there will be two versions of the second gen Duster: a regular 5-seater and an extended 7-seater, the latter being represented in these renderings.

Both variants of the new Duster will be based on a new platform, which the publication terms ‘modular’, hinting that it could be the CMF architecture. Where the regular Duster will measure about 4.3 meters in length, the Duster 7-seater will be about 4.5 meters in length thanks to an extended wheelbase. The 7-seat Duster is expected to launch a year after the introduction of the regular 5-seater variant.

2017 Renault Duster 7-seat rear rendering
The 7-seat variant will launch a year after the 5-seater which is expected in 2017.

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India is the fourth largest market for the Duster, which is manufactured with a high degree of localization at Renault-Nissan Alliance’s Chennai plant. A 7-seat version of the Duster would serve as an ideal rival to the Mahindra Scorpio, which competes with the Duster on price.

2015 Renault Duster (Facelift) Brazilian-spec – Image Gallery

[Renderings from Quatrorodas]

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6 thoughts on “Next-gen Renault Duster with 7 seats – Rendering

  1. Naresh Khanna says:

    Umm ok, sounds cool. When will this duster be available in India? I guess it will need a more powerful engine.

  2. Manish Gorang says:

    Now a 7 seater duster will just be a treat. They wil definitely arouse the interest of the people who have always wanted a 7 seater SUV. But IAB, are they going to give all the AWD’s features to this Duster? When can we expect this duster to be launched in India?

    1. Hello Manish, the launch is not on the horizon. It will take Renault a few more years to the bring the new Duster.

      1. Manish Gorang says:

        Thank you Shrawan.

  3. Deepak Mathur says:

    Haha cool question. If this 7 seater duster come into the picture then again creat, xylo, xuv, ecosport are going to be in trouble. Lodgy is from a different segment altogether. Now I know what renault was doing while hyundai was busy readying creta for the indian market 😀 When can we expect this duster in India IAB?

  4. Hello Rajesh, the Lodgy is a MPV/van, the Duster is an SUV – while they may offer the same seating capacity in the future, they are targeted at very different customer types.


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