BMW 1 Series facelift vs pre-facelift model – Old vs New

Posted on: Jan 19, 2015 - 3:37pm IST

Major updates include new styling at both front and rear.

BMW recently gave its 1 series a facelift, with extensive design changes to the front and rear.

BMW 1 series facelift vs 1 series front three quarter old vs new
The new front styling on the 1 series facelift is clearly inspired by the 2 series.

Up front, it adopts a more mature look, reminiscent of the BMW 2 series coupe and convertible. The angular headlights of the 2012 1 series is traded for new LED headlamps, a wider grille, and a complementing bumper.

BMW 1 series facelift vs 1 series side old vs new
The side profile remains unchanged.

Move over to the sides and the changes are minimal. The character lines haven’t changed, but the 2015 BMW 1 series gets new alloys, at least.

BMW 1 series facelift vs 1 series rear three quarter old vs new
The rear is now more inline with the other BMWs, unlike in the past.

The small-ish taillamps have made way for new and wider LED units. The L-shaped rear lights is almost a part of BMW’s design language, and the 1 series thus becomes closer to the family. The rear bumper has also seen a massive upgrade from the pre-facelift 1 series. Instead of continuing with a body coloured unit, BMW has given it a dual tone treatment.

Elsewhere, it’s the same car – the only hatchback in the market which offers a rear wheel drive layout. BMW’s plans to switch to the UKL-based front wheel drive layout on future models will consume the 1 series as well, and a sedan derivative is also expected.

Expect the 1 Series facelift to launch in India by end of this year.

BMW 1 series facelift vs BMW 1 series – Image Gallery

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  1. JIJIN JAYARAJ says:

    Great job!
    It looks great.
    Now just bring the M135i to India 😀


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