230hp Super Tata Nano revealed, costs INR 25 lakhs – IAB Report

Posted on: Dec 12, 2014 - 9:15am IST

Powered by a 1.3-litre engine that makes 230 hp.

The Tata Nano is a nice, peppy small car good enough for intra-city commutes. But a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration also makes it a very interesting proposition as a driver’s car. To make things even better, it doesn’t weight too much, either. And Coimbatore-based JA Motorsport have used the best of the Nano’s traits to make a one-off Super Nano.

JA Motorsport Tata Super Nano front at 2014 APS
The Super Nano even gets slick tires.

It’s based on the Nano but features a full body kit, slick tyres, a bolt-on roll cage, and smoked head and taillamps. On the inside the Super Nano gets a carbon fibre treatment on the dashboard, Recaro seats, and steering (a racing wheel, no less) mounted paddle shifters.

But the talking point is the 1.3-litre engine that does duty on the Super Nano. It produces a maximum power of about 230 hp, which helps the vehicle reach speeds excess of 190 km/h. Look at the negative camber on the wheels and you’ll understand that work has been done on the chassis, too. The dark grey alloys come shod with MRF ZLO racing slicks, and with a claimed weight to power ratio of 2.6 kg/hp.

Calling it India’s fastest hot hatch, it is a claim that the Super Nano fully deserves (at least on paper), especially with the very interesting specs. Complementing the added power, the braking is taken care of by AP Racing disc brakes on all wheels, while there’s no addition of a spoiler for downforce.

Also, it’s a highly unpractical vehicle if you intend to drop kids to school in it, because the rear bench is gone, and in its place is the above mentioned 230 hp engine. The whole job cost JA about Rs 25 lakh and while the Super Nano is best suited for driving around a race-track, JA shouldn’t have a problem in working on your Nano, too.

JA Motorsport Tata Super Nano rear body kit at 2014 APS
Not a cheap affair – making the Super Nano is worth about Rs 25 lakh and a lot of man hours.

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Keep in mind that they’re highly skilled (responsible for making Formula Ford cars in India among other accomplishments), so make a phone call before showing up with your Nano.

Super Tata Nano – Image Gallery

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6 thoughts on “230hp Super Tata Nano revealed, costs INR 25 lakhs – IAB Report

  1. Electric Tata Nano would be the perfect answer for power & price!

  2. Suhail Sood says:

    1.3L 230hp sounds like the 1.3 rotary from Mazda RX-8. With that short wheelbase, this will spin out on the track.

  3. Hello! Here in India our families travel on a two-wheeler. Four of them are on a motorcycle or scooter, and its not the safest way to travel. The Nano was envisioned for Indian middle class families, and definitely not for developed countries where the purchasing power is much higher and road safety is not a major cause of concern.

  4. Godson Arun Kumar says:

    There’s no need for this stuff at all. All it requires is to manufacture the ford focus STi here in india. Should come around 15-20 lakhs. Far better and practical.

  5. Narinder Sharma says:

    Looks Good, but at 25 Lakhs it is just a good expensive experiment !!

  6. Govind A Nair says:

    Nanooooo 🙂 Oh wow,.. Nyways congrats to the efforts they hav put into transforming this vehicle into a ‘Super Nano’ 🙂


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